In the age of cloud storage, having an excellent file management tool is crucial. RiceDrive, an online transfer tool, allows you to effortlessly transfer files across cloud services, network locations, and websites, helping you efficiently manage your files on Google Drive.

Why use RiceDrive?

RiceeDrive is a cloud file management tool that supports over 30 popular cloud storage services, including Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Mega, and more. Users can directly transfer files between different cloud drives through RiceDrive, eliminating the need to download and upload files locally, saving time and storage space. Additionally, RiceDrive offers the functionality to directly save web files to cloud storage.

Logging into RiceDrive

  • Visit RiceDrive's Official Website: Open your browser and go to RiceDrive's official website.

  • Log in to Your Account: No need register, directly use your email and get Login Code to log in to RiceDrive.

Login RiceDrive

Link Google Drive Account

  1. Add a Cloud Service: In the main interface of RiceDrive, click the "Link Storage" button on the left side.
  2. Select Google Drive: In the cloud service list, find and select "Google Drive."
  3. Authorize Access: Follow the prompts to authorize RiceDrive to access your Google Drive account.
Link Google Drive

Transferring Cloud Files to Google Drive

  • Select the Source Cloud Service: In the file list, select the source cloud service from which you want to transfer files. For example, if transferring files from Dropbox to Google Drive, select "Dropbox."

  • Select the Target Cloud Service: Right-click, open the menu and select "Transfer to", select "Google Drive" as the target cloud service in the pop-up.

  • Start the Transfer: After confirming your file selection, click the "OK" button to begin the file transfer. RiceDrive will perform the transfer in the background, and you can check the progress at any time.

Transfer to Google Drive

Saving Web Videos to Google Drive

The link can be a YouTube video or music url, or a video URL from any website.

  • Get the Web File Link: Find the web file you want to save to Google Drive in your browser, and copy its download link.

  • Choose the "Upload by URL" Feature: Open your Google Drive in RiceDrive, click the "Upload by URL" option in the top menu.

  • Enter the File Link: In the "Source" field, select "Web URL" and paste the copied file link, and enter file name.

  • Start the Upload: Click the "UPLOAD" button, and RiceDrive will automatically download the file from the web and save it to your Google Drive.

Upload to Google Drive by URL

Task Management and Automation

  • Check Task Progress: You can view the progress of file transfers and downloads in real-time in RiceDrive's "Cloud Transfer."

  • Set Up Automated Tasks: By setting up scheduled tasks, you can make RiceDrive automatically perform file transfers and synchronizations at specified times or intervals, improving work efficiency.


As a multi-cloud management tool, RiceDrive provides convenient cross-cloud file transfer and web file saving functionalities. Whether you need to transfer files from other cloud storage services to Google Drive or directly save web files to Google Drive, OneDrive and Mega, RiceDrive makes the process easy and efficient. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can effectively use RiceDrive for your cloud file management needs.

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