As online storage becomes increasingly popular, many people find themselves using multiple cloud storage services like OneDrive, MEGA, Google Drive, Dropbox, PCloud and more. While it's convenient to have extra storage space spread across different platforms, it can also lead to file fragmentation as your data gets split up in silos. T o bring all your files together into one unified storage platform, you'll need a way to easily transfer files between cloud storage providers. This is where a multi-cloud management tool like RiceDrive comes in handy.

With RiceDrive, you can quickly and securely move files from OneDrive to Google Drive with just a few clicks. In this article, we'll walk through the steps for transferring your OneDrive files over to Google Drive using the RiceDrive platform.

Getting Started with RiceDrive

First, you'll need to create a free RiceDrive account at No need to register an account, you can use any email to log in to RiceDrive. Once you log in to RiceDrive, you can connect both your OneDrive and Google Drive accounts to RiceDrive by clicking the "Link Storage" button.

After entering your login credentials for each cloud drive, RiceDrive will sync with both platforms and give you access to all of your OneDrive and Google Drive files from one centralized interface.

Login RiceDrive

Selecting Files to Transfer

From the RiceDrive's task list dashboard, click on the Create Transfer button. A popup will appear asking you to choose your destination for the upload. You can view all of your OneDrive folders and files. Browse through your OneDrive storage and select the specific files and folders you want to transfer over to Google Drive. You can select multiple files at once, or entire folders.

Open Create Task Popup

Once you've selected your files, click on the dropdown menu of the target. Choose your destination for the upload. Select Google Drive and pick which folder you want the files to go into. RiceDrive will immediately start transferring copies of your selected OneDrive files over to Google Drive.

Create task for Onedrive to Google Drive

Monitoring Transfer Progress

The upload progress for each file will be displayed on the transfers tab in RiceDrive. Here you can view the status of files actively uploading as well as transfer logs of completed actions. For large file transfers, you may need to leave RiceDrive running for awhile as the files get copied between cloud storage providers.

RiceDrive will transfer files in sequence and you'll see progress bars indicating the time remaining for each file. Once a file reaches 100% uploaded, it will display as completed in your transfer logs. Let RiceDrive run until all your selected files have been successfully transferred from OneDrive to Google Drive.

The Progress of OneDrive to Google Drive

Accessing Transferred Files in Google Drive

Once the file transfers are fully completed, you can view your files in Google Drive by clicking on the Google Drive icon in RiceDrive. This will open your Google Drive account where you can now access the OneDrive files that have been copied over.

The folder structure will remain intact so the files will be located in the destination Google Drive folder you selected during the upload process. You can further organize the transferred files directly within Google Drive.

With RiceDrive's easy drag-and-drop interface, you can seamlessly migrate entire folders of files from OneDrive to Google Drive in just a few clicks. Keep the two cloud platforms linked in RiceDrive for ongoing unified file management.

Check files in Google Drive

Additional Features

RiceDrive offers a few other handy features that make cross-cloud file management easier:

  • File previews allow you to check content before transferring from one cloud to another..

  • Bulk file transfers let you queue up and move multiple large files at the same time.

  • Sync files between cloud storage accounts for two-way updating.

  • Download videos, music, or pictures from some websites.

Showcasing RiceDrive's services

Migrating your OneDrive files over to Google Drive doesn't have to be a complicated process. With RiceDrive, you can quickly transfer files between the two platforms and consolidate your cloud storage. The intuitive file transfer features streamline cross-cloud file management.

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