If you're looking for a way to backup and migrate your treasured photo memories from Google Photos to Dropbox, RiceDrive is the tool you need. RiceDrive is a powerful cloud management solution that allows you to easily transfer data between different cloud storage services, including Google Photos and Dropbox.

What is RiceDrive?

Once you connect accounts to RiceDrive, you can transfer files between them or access different cloud storage services through one interface. The transfers use direct links between the cloud services, so your data does not pass through third-party servers.

Some key features of RiceDrive:

  • Free to use with no limits on transfers

  • Supports major cloud storage providers

  • Transfers use direct links between cloud services

  • Easy to use mobile app with intuitive interface

  • Works on Windows, Mac and Mobile

To transfer Google Photos to Dropbox

Here's how you can use RiceDrive to securely copy your Google Photos library to Dropbox:

  1. Visite and Sign in RiceDrive First, head to the RiceDrive website (https://www.ricedrive.com/) and sign up for a free account. No need to install any applications on your computer.

    Login RiceDrive
  2. Connect your cloud accounts Launch the RiceDrive app and click on the "Link Storage" button. Select Google Photos and Dropbox from the list of cloud services and follow the prompts to authorize RiceDrive to access your accounts.

    Connect Google Photos
  3. Transfer Google Photos to Dropbox Once your cloud accounts are connected, navigate to the Google Photos section in the RiceDrive app. Select the photos or albums you want to transfer, then choose Dropbox as the destination cloud. RiceDrive will begin copying your files immediately.

    The following are the detailed steps:

    • In RiceDrive, click on the "Transfer & Download" and "Create Transfer".

    • Select the Google Photos account on the left pane. It will show all the photos and albums in your Google Photos library.

    • Navigate to the photos or albums you want to transfer to Dropbox. Select them by checking the boxes next to the file names.

    • Once you have selected the photos to transfer, click on the Dropbox account on the right. Select a Dropbox folder as destination and click "Start up" button.

    • This will initiate the transfer process and copy the photos from Google Photos to your Dropbox account. The time taken will depend on the number and size of photos being transferred.

    • The transfers happen in the background so you can continue working on other tasks while the transfer is in progress.

    Create task for transferring Goolge Photos to Dropbox
  4. Monitor the transfer process RiceDrive provides a real-time transfer monitor, so you can keep track of the progress and ensure all your photos are successfully transferred. Depending on the size of your Google Photos library, the transfer process may take some time to complete.

    The logs for transferring Goolge Photos to Dropbox
  5. Access your photos on Dropbox After the transfer is finished, you can log into your Dropbox account and find your Google Photos library safely backed up and ready for access from any device.

Removing Duplicate Photos

When transferring photos from Google Photos to Dropbox, you may end up with duplicate copies of some photos. This can take up extra storage space.

  • In Dropbox, use the Cleaner tool with RiceDrive. It can scan for duplicate files and delete copies.

  • You can also use another duplicate file finder tool for your operating system. These analyze files based on size and checksum to identity duplicates.

  • Manually go through the folders and delete extra copies of photos you notice. But this can be tedious with a large number of files.

Scan for duplicate files and delete copies

Limitations of Free Dropbox Plan

While RiceDrive provides unlimited free transfers between cloud services, Dropbox has some limitations on its free plan:

  • Only 2GB free storage space is available. Transferred photos from Google Photos will count towards this quota.

  • Larger files and folders may get compressed or downsampled if the storage limit is reached. Image quality may be reduced.

  • To maintain full resolution copies, you will need to upgrade to a paid Dropbox plan with more storage.

With RiceDrive, you can rest assured that your precious photo memories are securely transferred and backed up on Dropbox, without the hassle of manually downloading and uploading files. RiceDrive supports transferring metadata and maintains the original folder structure, ensuring a seamless migration experience.


Whether you're looking to consolidate your photo storage or simply want an extra layer of protection for your memories, RiceDrive makes it easy to transfer your Google Photos library to Dropbox with just a few clicks.

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