As smartphone storage continues to increase, many users are finding they need expanded cloud storage beyond what is provided for free. Two popular cloud storage services are MEGA and Google Drive, which both offer generous free storage as well as affordable paid plans. However, users often store files across multiple cloud services, which introduces the need to transfer files between them.

On a mobile device, transferring files from MEGA to Google Drive is straightforward using web browsers and dedicated apps. With a few taps, users can copy files stored on MEGA over to Google Drive for consolidated cloud storage. This essay will walk through two main methods for transferring files from MEGA to Google Drive using a mobile phone.

Using a Mobile Web Browser

One simple way to transfer files is by using the mobile browser on your smartphone. Both MEGA and Google Drive offer full-featured mobile websites that provide access to your stored files. The key is using a web browser that supports tabbed or multi-window browsing, allowing you to have the MEGA and Google Drive web pages open at the same time.

On Android phones, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox support tabbed browsing. On iPhone, Safari allows multiple pages to remain open in tabs or as split-screen windows. Using tabs or multi-window mode is essential for drag-and-drop file transfer between web pages.

Here are the steps to transfer files from MEGA to Google Drive using browser tabs:

  1. Open your web browser and navigate to the MEGA mobile site. Log into your MEGA account.

  2. Open a new tab and go to Log into your Google account.

  3. Switch to the MEGA tab and navigate to the file or folder you want to transfer. Long press on the file icon and select the download option.

  4. This will download the file onto your mobile device's local Downloads folder.

  5. Switch to the Google Drive tab. Find the Upload button and select it. Choose the Downloads folder.

  6. Locate and select the file you just downloaded from MEGA. Google Drive will now upload it.

  7. Once uploaded, you can delete the local downloaded file from your smartphone's storage if no longer needed.

This tabbed web browser method provides a quick way to transfer any files from MEGA to Google Drive on a mobile device. Just open both web pages side-by-side, download from one, and upload to the other.

Using the Official MEGA App

In addition to the mobile web page, MEGA offers its own official Android and iOS app. The MEGA app provides a streamlined way to access your MEGA storage and files. Conveniently, the app also supports direct file transfers to Google Drive.

Here are the steps to transfer files from MEGA to Google Drive using the official MEGA app:

  1. Install the MEGA app on your Android or iOS device if you don't already have it. Launch the app and log in.

  2. Navigate to the file or folder you want to transfer. Tap and hold your finger on it to select it.

  3. Tap on the Share icon in the upper right. In the sharing menu, select Google Drive.

  4. Sign into your Google account if prompted. Pick the Google Drive folder to upload to.

  5. Google Drive will open and begin uploading the file from MEGA.

  6. When completed, Google Drive will display the transferred file in your Drive account.

With its deep integration, the MEGA app provides direct Google Drive transfers without needing to download and re-upload files. Everything happens seamlessly within the MEGA interface.

Using RiceDrive Mobile Site

A third option for MEGA to Google Drive file transfers is using a web app called RiceDrive. Available on mobile browsers, RiceDrive lets you link cloud storage services like MEGA and Google Drive into one view for easy file management and transfer.

To use RiceDrive for MEGA to Google Drive transfers:

  1. Open your mobile web browser and go to

    All cloud drives supported by RiceDrive
  2. Select Connect Services and choose to connect both your MEGA and Google Drive accounts. Sign in to each when prompted.

    Connect MEGA on iPhone
  3. Once connected, RiceDrive will display both your MEGA and Google Drive file storage together in its interface.

    MEGA files listed by RiceDrive on iPhone
  4. Click on Tasks, locate the New Task button in the upper right corner, and open the task creation interface.

    Tasks listed by RiceDrive on iPhone
  5. In the My Drive option, select the MEGA file or folder you want to transfer as the source, and click the "Complete" icon.

  6. The file path you selected will appear in the source.

  7. After selecting the source, choose a folder in Google Drive as the destination, and click the "Complete" icon.

  8. You can also click on the settings and schedule icons at the top to configure the task with more advanced options.

  9. Click on Start up to begin transferring your files.

    Task created by RiceDrive on iPhone
  10. Return to the task list and you can monitor the task progress and view task reports.

    Task progress by RiceDrive on iPhone
  11. Once the task is completed, check that the files have been transferred completely.

    Task log by RiceDrive on iPhone

RiceDrive eliminates the tab switching and makes it easy to view, copy, and transfer files between multiple cloud services. The web app works great on both mobile and desktop.

Comparing File Transfer Methods

All three of these methods enable transferring files from MEGA cloud storage directly into your Google Drive account using only a mobile device. Which option you choose depends on your specific needs:

  • Browser tabs provide a quick transfer solution that works with any files, but requires manually downloading and uploading.

  • The MEGA app offers the most integrated experience optimized for MEGA users. Transfers happen in the background easily.

  • RiceDrive gives a unified view and transfer options between MEGA, Google Drive, and other cloud services. Easy to copy files between multiple services.

The best news is you don't have to pick just one method. For example, you might use the MEGA app for routine MEGA-to-Google Drive transfers, but utilize RiceDrive when you need to copy files between more cloud storage services.

Optimizing Your Mobile File Transfers

When transferring files from MEGA to Google Drive on mobile devices, there are some tips to make sure transfers proceed smoothly:

  • Connect to a stable WiFi network or fast mobile broadband when transferring large files. Mobile data works but may be slower.

  • Transferring lots of small files is faster than fewer giant files. Try to split up large files if needed.

  • Keep your mobile device charged during lengthy file transfer sessions to avoid unexpected power loss.

  • Verify files are fully copied before deleting them from the original MEGA storage location.

  • Save bandwidth by selectively transferring only the MEGA files you really need in Google Drive.

With mobile browsers, apps, and web apps, transferring files between cloud services like MEGA and Google Drive is easier than ever. Follow these methods to conveniently consolidate your cloud storage on the go.

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