With Google Photos ending its free unlimited storage, many users are looking to switch to other cloud storage services. One popular option is Microsoft OneDrive, which provides up to 5TB of storage for Office 365 subscribers. If you have a large collection of photos stored in Google Photos, transferring everything to OneDrive manually can be tedious and time-consuming. A better solution is to use a cloud-to-cloud transfer tool like RiceDrive to automate the migration between services. Here is a detailed guide on how to use RiceDrive to copy your Google Photos library over to OneDrive:

Prerequisites Before You Start

Before you can transfer anything, you need to make sure you have the right accounts and apps set up:

  • Have an active Google Photos account where your photos are currently stored. This will be the source.

  • Sign up for a OneDrive account with enough storage capacity to hold your Google Photos collection. This will be the destination.

  • Download and install the RiceDrive desktop app on your Windows or Mac computer. RiceDrive allows direct transfer between cloud services.

Add Your Google Photos Account to RiceDrive

No need to install RiceDrive, you need to connect it to your Google Photos library:

  1. Open the RiceDrive application and click 'Link Storage'.

  2. From the list of cloud providers, click on 'Google Photos'.

  3. Enter your Google account credentials when prompted and click 'Authorize Now'.

  4. Google will ask you to grant permission for RiceDrive to access your Google Drive - click 'Allow' to authorize the app.

  5. After successful authorization, your Google Photos account will be linked to RiceDrive. All your Google Photos data will be accessible from within the RiceDrive interface.

Connect Google Photos

Connect Your OneDrive Account to RiceDrive

Repeat the steps above to also link your OneDrive account to RiceDrive:

  1. In RiceDrive, click 'Link Storage'.

  2. Select 'OneDrive' from the list of cloud services.

  3. Enter your OneDrive as displayname. Click 'Authorize Now'.

  4. After permission is granted, your OneDrive account will be connected to RiceDrive as well.

Connect OneDrive

Select Google Photos to Transfer to OneDrive

Now you can start picking photos and albums to migrate from Google Photos to OneDrive:

  1. In the RiceDrive app, click on 'Transfer & Download' on the left sidebar.

  2. Click on 'Create Transfer' button.

  3. Browse and navigate your Google Photos library and select the photos, albums or folders you want to transfer.

  4. You can select multiple files and folders at once.

  5. Once your selections are made, click the transfer icon at the top to start the copy process.

Open create transfer page

Choose Destination Folder in OneDrive

On the transfer page, you need to define where to copy the Google Photos to in OneDrive:

  1. Select 'OneDrive' as the destination cloud drive for this transfer.

  2. Click on the folder icon to pick where to upload the copied files.

  3. You can choose an existing folder or create a new one specifically for the Google Photos content.

Create transfer for Google Photos and OneDrive

Start and Monitor the Transfer Process

With sources and destination set, you can now start the automated transfer:

  1. Click 'Start up' to kick off copying your selected photos from Google Photos over to OneDrive.

  2. The transfer speed will depend on your internet connection strength. Faster internet equals quicker transfer.

  3. You can pause, resume or cancel ongoing transfers if needed. Just check the 'Task' tab.

Progress for Google Photos and OneDrive

Verify Transferred Files in OneDrive

Once the transfer shows completed in RiceDrive, you should verify that all files moved over properly:

  1. Go to OneDrive and open up the destination folder where photos were copied.

  2. Verify that all your albums, photos and videos have transferred correctly without any data or metadata loss.

  3. Check if any files are missing or corrupt. Re-start any problem files.

  4. You can now delete the originals from Google Photos if you wish to free up space.

Additional Tips When Using RiceDrive for Transfer

Here are some extra pointers to keep in mind when moving your Google Photos to OneDrive with RiceDrive:

  1. Transfers are direct between the cloud services. No need to download and reupload.

  2. Originals are not deleted or moved from Google Photos. Everything is just copied.

  3. You can pick individual files to transfer selectively or set date filters.

  4. For best transfer speeds, maintain a fast and stable internet connection.

  5. Free accounts have limited transfer quota. Upgrade to premium for unlimited.

In summary, with RiceDrive you can swiftly automate migration of your entire Google Photos library to OneDrive in just a few clicks. Follow the instructions above to securely move your photos to OneDrive.

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