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How to Transfer OneDrive to MEGA [2023]

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Both OneDrive and Mega are very popular cloud storage services and have become important tools for many people. OneDrive is integrated with Microsoft services and is easy to use. Mega cloud storage offers end-to-end encryption and thus has higher security.

However, how to transfer files between the two? The traditional method of downloading and then re-uploading is extremely cumbersome and takes up local storage space. Is there a better way to directly transfer files between cloud storages?

How to Transfer OneDrive to MEGA quickly?

This article recommends a cloud storage tool called RiceDrive. It allows you to transfer files between OneDrive and Mega with just simple 3 steps. Without needing to download or upload, everything is done in the cloud, which is safe and fast.

  1. Step 1: Sign in RiceDrive directly with your email, and connect your OneDrive and Mega accounts on the RiceDrive workspace. OneDrive to MEGA
  2. Step 2: Create a transfer task, select the files you want to transfer and choose a folder in Mega as the destination, then click "Start up". create task for onedrive to mega
  3. Step 3: Wait for RiceDrive cloud transfer to complete (you can check the progress and completion report anytime). Progress for onedrive to mega


Yes, it's that simple! RiceDrive will directly transfer files in the cloud. You don't need to download or upload. The operation is very convenient. The transferred files can be directly used in the destination cloud drive.

RiceDrive also supports mainstream cloud storage platforms including OneDrive, Mega, etc. No matter which cloud drives you have, you can connect them together via RiceDrive to achieve cloud-to-cloud file transfer.

When you no longer want to worry about file transfer, try this easy and fast cloud storage management tool RiceDrive! It will definitely make your cloud file management much simpler!