The better way to download free music

I am a person who likes listening to music. I often hear some good music on mobile app. I tried to collect these music with music playing app, but a few months later, I found that these music I collected could no longer be listened to for free. I decided to download these music I like to my mobile phone. I found these music on YouTube Music, but YouTube doesn't offer to download them. Now I can listen to these music for free on YouTube, but I'm worried that it may charge or disappear in the future. I must find a way to download these music from YouTube Music.

After a search, I found that here is teaching me how to download YouTube music to Google Drive. If I can download music from YouTube to Google Drive, and then download music to my mobile phone with Google Drive's app. So I tried this method to save music on YouTube.

Authorize Google Drive

Authorize Cloud Storage to RiceDrive

I log in to RiceDrive with my Google account and then authorize my Google Drive account to RiceDrive. I didn't fill in some privacy information to register a RiceDrive account, such as my phone number or my home address. I think after filling in these information, my mobile phone will receive some advertisements or some scams. RiceDrive provides two ways to save cloud storage authorization information. If you want to know more about the security of cloud storage authorization, you can click here, More about security authorization.

Authorize Google Drive

Download music from YouTube

I click "Transfer & Download" > "New Task", the task panel for creating is shown here.
I fill the music name and the music URL, and then click "Start up".
Soon, the music was downloaded to my Google Drive.

Google Drive Files

Import music from Google Drive to my phone

After I downloaded all the music to Google drive. I started downloading music to my phone using Google drive's mobile app. When the music is completely saved to my mobile phone, I scan the music with the music app. Now I can listen to the music with my mobile phone.

There is not enough space on the phone to save too much music. When I get tired of listening to some music, I need to delete them from my phone and download some new music. My Google Drive still keeps these music. When I want to listen to these music again, I can easily download them. There are MV or MP3 in my music folder, which are downloaded from YouTube Music with RiceDrive.

Music List

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