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RiceDrive has supported the world's best cloud storage, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, MEGA, PCloud, Box, etc. We can manage multiple cloud storage for you and save your favorite videos, music and pictures from internet to your cloud storage. You can also quickly migrate files from a cloud storage to another. Help you convert pdfs to docs in your storage.

How to download YouTube Videos to cloud storage?
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How to Save YouTube Music to Google Drive

Google Drive is the best cloud storage in the world. You can store and share music and videos on any mobile device, tablet or computer with Google Drive. There are many music we like on YouTube Music. If you want to get more of the most popular music, YouTube Music is a good choice. You can find our favorite music on it. If you want to save YouTube music to your Google Drive, here's I will teach you. You don't need to install any software, you just need to Login RiceDive.

YouTube Music

Authorize Google Drive to RiceDrive

Before saving YouTube music, you need to authorize your Google drive to RiceDrive. When you enter the workspace of RiceDrive, please select "Google Drive" and click "Authorize Now". The OAuth consent screen of Google drive will be opened.

Authorize Google Drive

Save YouTube Music to Your Google Drive

After successfully authorize your Google Drive to RiceDrive, you can click "Transfer & Download" - > "New task" -> "Web URL". You should enter the name and URL of the music and select a Google Drive directory, and then click "Start up".

YouTube Music URL

Your music will be quickly saved to your Google Drive, you will find them in your Google Drive. Now you can create more download tasks to save more music. You can also choose other cloud storage to save your music, such as Dropbox, OneDrive, MEGA, Box and so on.

YouTube Music In Google Drive

If you want to know more about the operation, here is a video that can help you.