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Download Video to Any Storage

RiceDrive has supported the world's best cloud storage, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, MEGA, PCloud, Box, etc. If you own any of these cloud storage, you can download quickly video from website to your cloud storage.

In this post, you need to accurately find the m3u8 URL of the video in the web page. Here are some ways to tell you. You will find that an m3u8 video covers multiple TS video clips, each lasting for a few seconds. The m3u8 video URL needs to be parsed to many TS URLs, then download each video clip from these URLs, and then combine these video clips into a complete MP4 video. Finally, upload directly the MP4 video to your cloud storage with RiceDrive.

Although the process sounds complicated, these steps will become very simple after you try it once. Here you don't need to install any software.

Download M3U8 Video Without Installing Software

Part 1 - Login RiceDrive

There is no need for you to fill in your personal information to register a RiceDrive account.
You can log in directly to RiceDrive with your cloud storage account or email address.

Login RiceDrive

Part 2 - Link Your Storage to RiceDrive

After login, you will enter the RiceDrive's workspace. Select your cloud storage type with "Link storage", enter a display name and click "authorize now".
The Oauth screen page of cloud storage will be opened. You just need to follow the prompts. If the cloud storage is successfully added, you can view the storage files with RiceDrive.

Login RiceDrive

Part 3 - Find and Copy M3U8 URL

  1. Open Chrome Developer tools. Press F12 or Right-click on the page > Inspect > Network
  2. Filter the list by ".m3u8".
  3. If the m3u8 URL is not found, please press F5 to refresh the page.
  4. Tip: Maybe you can directly copy the video URL can also be downloaded without m3u8 URL.
    Downloading videos from many video sites is already supported by RiceDrive.

If you want to download high-quality video, you can select high-quality video by m3u8 URL. M3u8 URL may contain 1080p, 720p, 320p words.

Copy m3u8 URL

Part 4 - New Task to Download M3U8 Video

  1. Click "Transfer & Download" > "New task" > "Web URL".
  2. Enter the video name and M3U8 URL, and select a folder where the video is saved
  3. Click "Start up" to download M3U8 video.
Start Downloading u3m8 video

Part 5 - Complete Video Download

When you try to download more videos, you will be able to download more quickly. You can keep creating more tasks.
When you create tasks for all the videos you want, you can find some videos have been saved to your cloud storage.

Start Downloading u3m8 video