A Better MultCloud Alternative - RiceDrive

With the development of cloud technology, there are more and more cloud storage providers. They provide different features, prices and businesses. We may use multiple cloud storage to store data at the same time. When we need to exchange or move data between multiple cloud storage, we usually use third-party tools to help us process a large amount of data, so as to save storage space and bandwith. Multcloud, the most popular third-party storage manage tool on the market, is a good tool, but there are also better tools such as RiceDrive.

List of cloud drives supported by ricedrive

RiceDrive allows you to manage multiple different cloud storage accounts in one application. It supports more than 20 cloud drives, including Google Drive, Google Photos, OneDrive, MEGA, Dropbox, etc. Moreover, RiceDrive provides 10GB data transffic for each user.

In addition, the cloud transmission, remote upload, and cloud storage provided by RiceDrive can help you transfer, backup, or download files between your cloud drives, and even remotely upload files to cloud drives. In the process of data transmission, you can also set filename filtering, email notification, scheduled and other features.

The following is prices and features comparison between RiceDrive and MultCloud

RiceDrive MultCloud
  • 100GB/Month $3.99/Month
  • Monthly Unlimited $9.98/Month
  • Yearly Unlimited $79.8/Year
  • 100GB/Month $9.99/Month
  • 200GB/Month $17.99/Month
  • 1200GB/Yearly $59.99/Month
  • 2400GB/Yearly $99.99/Month
  • Yearly Unlimited $119.9/Year
  • Lifetime Unlimited $249
Basic Features
  • Free account
  • Scheduled transfer
  • DOC/PDF converter
  • Scan and clean duplicate files
  • Support 20+ cloud drives
  • File upload, Download, Delete, Rename, Copy, Move
  • Free account
  • Scheduled transfer
  • Support 30+ cloud drives
  • File upload, Download, Delete, Rename, Copy, Move
Core Features
  • Remote upload
    (Download videos and audios from 700+ websites)
  • Cloud-to-Cloud Transfer
  • Remote upload
    (Many websites are not supported)
  • Cloud-to-Cloud Transfer
  • Cloud-to-Cloud Sync
  • Cloud-to-Cloud Backup
Speed VIP Transfer Server VIP Transfer Server
  • In-transit encryption
  • Authorization information localization
  • Login log
  • In-transit encryption

From the table, we can see that almost everything MultCloud does, RiceDrive does better because it has more options to choose from. We can make the following summary:

The Security

RiceDrive is more secure than MutlCloud, because RiceDrive doesn't need to register. It only needs to accept the verification code through email to log in. The valid time of the verification code is 5 minutes, which means that you don't need a fixed password to log in. As long as you ensure that your email is safe enough, your RiceDrive account is safe. For the authorization information, MultCloud stores the information on their server. When your MultCloud account is stolen, others only need one account to access all your cloud drives, which is quite dangerous. However, RiceDrive allows you to store the authorization information in your local computer. When others log in to your account, nobody can get your cloud storage data.

The Features

RiceDrive and MultCloud have similar core and basic features. It is undeniable that MultCloud should be richer in this regard and support more cloud storage. But RiceDrive already supports many of the best cloud drives in the world. You can also directly download videos, audios and pictures from YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and other 700+ websites to your cloud drive with RiceDrive, but MultCloud does not support it.

The Price

In terms of price, RiceDrive is cheaper and more cost-effective than MultCloud. The monthly subscription price of multcloud is 2.5 times that of RiceDrive, and MultCloud does not provide a monthly unlimited traffic scheme. If you want to choose a cost-effective product, RiceDrive is the best choice.

RiceDrive and MultCloud are very similar tools. RiceDrive is the best multCloud alternative in terms of function and price. RiceDirve is a perfect tool and pays more attention to users' data security and services. Users can see that this is an attentive product, which brings more value to users.

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