Do you have a bunch of files stored in that you want to move to Google Drive? Transferring files between cloud storage platforms can be tedious and time-consuming. Fortunately, there is a quick and easy way to migrate your data from MEGA to Google Drive - using RiceDrive.

RiceDrive is an intuitive cloud transfer service that allows for lightning fast transfer of files between multiple cloud storage platforms like MEGA, Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive and more.

Step 1 - Create a Free RiceDrive Account

First, go to and log into RiceDrive directly using just a single email or cloud storage account.

Login RiceDrive

Next, click 'Link storage' and select MEGA and Google Drive from the list. Sign in to authorize RiceDrive to securely access your accounts.

Here, you need to enter MEGA's email and password and then click "Authorize Now". For MEGA account security, you can select "Local" to store MEGA's email and password.

Step 2 - Create task to transfer files from MEGA to Google Drive

Once connected, you'll see your cloud drives on the left panel. Here are a few steps to create a task:

  1. Click "Transfer & Download" > "Create Transfer".

  2. Select MEGA, the file list will be displayed here, and select the MEGA files you want to transfer as the source.

  3. Choose a folder in Google Drive as the destination, and then click "Start up".

    Migrate files from MEGA to Google Drive

Step 3 - View transfer task

RiceDrive will automatically begin transferring your selected data in the background. The transfer manager will display real-time progress bars so you can monitor the migration status. Larger transfers may take some time to complete. Follow these steps to get started:

  1. Click "view it" to see that the task has started to transfer.

  2. RiceDrive will compute all files to be transferred in mega.

  3. Start transferring files and record the progress.

  4. The task is completed, RiceDrive will saves the task result for you to check.

    The progress of MEGA to Google Drive

Step 4 - Check task log

Upon completion, open Google Drive to confirm your files migrated successfully. If you wish to consolidate storage, delete the original copies from your MEGA account. RiceDrive also offers advanced features like scheduled transfers, email notifications, and link imports.

Check the task log. The log icon is green, indicating that all files have been successfully transferred. The log icon is yellow or red, indicating there are files that failed to be transferred.

The Result transfer MEGA to Google Drive

Migrating to a new cloud provider doesn't have to be a challenge. RiceDrive streamlines the process with easy cloud-to-cloud transfers. No need install, connect your accounts, select your content, and migrate. With RiceDrive handling the backend work, you can seamlessly shift MEGA files to Google Drive in just a few clicks.

Step 5 - File transfer failed

With transferring a large number of files, it's inevitable that a small number of files may fail to transfer. You can click the Restart icon to rerun the task, and RiceDrive will intelligently identify the failed files and retry transferring them, while skipping files that were already successful. Here is an article that explains in detail (How to resolve file transfer failures).

Things to Note When Transferring

When transferring files from Mega to Google Drive, there are a few things to note:

  • If the Mega files you want to transfer contain any shared files or folders, you cannot directly transfer them. You need to log in to and process them first before transferring. The steps are:

    1. Log in to
    2. Create a new folder
    3. Copy the files or folders you want to transfer into this new folder
    4. Finally, select this new folder as source to transfer in RiceDrive

    If you do not do this, the shared Mega files may become corrupted and unusable after being transferred.

  • You can transfer up to 750GB of files to Google Drive per day, this is Google Drive's limit. Please refer to Google's link for details:
    Google Drive's Limits.


Consolidate your online workspace and take control of your multi-cloud environment. Ditch the manual downloads and uploads. Let RiceDrive transfer your data between cloud services automatically. Cloud storage migrations are simple when you use powerful platforms like RiceDrive. Sign up today and start moving your MEGA content to Google Drive!

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