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What can RiceDrive do for MEGA and Google Drive?

Both MEGA and Google Drive have a large number of user groups. MEGA gives you 20GB free space, and Google Drive provides 15GB free space for you. Some other cloud storage only provide less free space. A lot of users make use of both MEGA and Google Drive to store their data. The problem now is that the data of these two cloud storage cannot interact. RiceDrive can solve this problem. It is like a bridge between MEGA and Google Drive, which can quickly synchronize your data in Mega to Google Drive.

RiceDrive can not only let MEGA interact with Google Drive, but also download files from Internet to your Google Drive and MEGA. Such as YouTube music and videos, m3u8 videos, online pictures, TikTok videos etc.

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Transfer files from MEGA to Google Drive

Everyone knows MEGA and Google Drive are 2 famous cloud storage services. MEGA's professional plan maximum is 16TB, Google Drive's professional plan maximum is 5TB. If you save a lot of files in MEGA and want to transfer so many files to Google Drive. The usual way is to download these files in MEGA to the computer and then upload them to Google Drive. It seems like a huge job, but using RiceDrive can help you easily transfer files from MEGA to Google Drive.

Step 1 - Authorize Mega and Google Drive to RiceDrive

First log in to RiceDrive with your Google Drive account or use an email. In RiceDrive workspace, click "Link storage" and then select "Google Drive" and "Authorize Now". After adding Google drive, select MEGA. Here, you need to enter MEGA's email and password and then click "Authorize Now". For MEGA account security, you can select "Local" to store MEGA's email and password.

Authorize MEGA

Step 2 - New task to transfer files from MEGA to Google Drive

Before transmission, you need to provide enough storage space and transmission traffic to avoid the task being interrupted due to insufficient space or traffic.
Click "Transfer & Download" > "New task" > "My Storage".
Select MEGA, the file list will be displayed here, and select the MEGA files you want to transfer as the source.
Select a folder in Google Drive as the target, and then click "Start up".

MEGA to Google Drive

Step 3 - View transfer task

Click "view it" to see that the task has started to transfer.
First, RiceDrive will compute all files to be transferred in mega, then start transferring files and record the progress. After the task is completed, RiceDrive will saves the task result for you to check.

The progress of MEGA to Google Drive

Step 4 - Check task log

When the task is completed, you can check the task log. The log icon is green, indicating that all files have been successfully transferred. The log icon is yellow or red, indicating there are files that failed to be transferred. If there are fewer failed files, you can create a new task to transfer these files. There are a large number of failed files, you can click "Restart Icon" to retransmit these unsuccessful files. The successful files are not transferred again. You can click the "Log Icon" to check the task details.

The Result transfer MEGA to Google Drive

I use a free account to complete this transmission task. If you want to improve the transmission speed and get unlimited transmission traffic, you can upgrade RiceDrive account.