Dropbox to Google Drive
Rice Drive can help you solve the following problems:

  • Manage multiple cloud storages such as Dropbox and Google Drive in one service.
  • Migrate Dropbox files to Google Drive without downloading and uploading.
  • Sync Dropbox data to Google Drive regularly.
  • Clean up duplicate files, large files, empty folders in Dropbox and Google Drive.

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How to Transfer Files From Dropbox to Google Drive?

Cloud storage is an online storage, we can store music, video, photos and other files in the cloud, which can help us save local disk space, and we can easily access them from anywhere, it gives us Work and life have brought a lot of convenience. There are many cloud storage providers on the market, and their functions, prices, and services are not the same. We may use multiple cloud storages at the same time to store data, but unified management is a troublesome question, We need to install multiple clients and manage multiple accounts, especially when we need to exchange or move data between multiple cloud storages, this operation takes us a lot of time and local storage space, Because you need to download data from one cloud storage and then upload it to another cloud storage, RiceDrive is an online multi-cloud storage management service, you can directly create a transfer or sync task in RiceDrive to quickly transfer data from a cloud storage To another cloud storage, and there is no need to download and upload operations, you only need a few simple steps to create a task, you can complete this operation, the following will introduce how to transfer Dropbox files to Google Drive in RiceDrive, By the way, a video tutorial on migrating Dropbox data to Google Drive is attached at the end of the article.

Step 1. Log in to RiceDrive

Rice Drive uses a simple, fast and safe login method, you do not need to register, you only need to use an email to accept the verification code to log in, The valid time of the verification code is 5 minutes, You can also Use Third-Party Sign-on (OAuth) for RiceDrive.

log in to ricedrive

Step 2. Authorize Dropobx and Google Drive to RiceDrive

1. Go to the "Link storage" page, select Google Drive cloud storage and click the "Authorize Now" button.

authorization Google account to RiceDrive

2. Choose an account to continue to RiceDrive.

Choose an google account

3. Check the box and click the "continue" button to give RiceDrive access to Google account.

grant RiceDrive permissions

4. Google Drive is successfully added to RiceDrive and Google Drive files are listed.

Google Drive authorized successfully

5. Go to the "Link storage" page, select Dropbox cloud storage and click the "Authorize Now" button.

authorization Dropbox account

6. When the Dropbox Sign in screen appears, enter your email and password, and click the Sign in button.

log in to Dropbox

7. Dropbox is successfully added to RiceDrive and Dropbox files are listed.

Dropbox authorized successfully

Step 3. Create a Dropbox to Google Drive transfer task

1. Go to the "Transfer & Download" page, and click the "New task" button.

go to transfer page

2. Check the Dropbox files to be transferred in the source, and select a Google folder as the storage location in the destination, If you need to create a scheduled task, please click the "Schedule" checkbox to set it, Then click the start button.

create a transfer task

3. The transfer task starts executing.

transfer task executing

4. The task was executed successfully, and the dropbox files were successfully transferred to Google Drive.

Transfer data from Dropbox to Google Drive successfully


Using RiceDrive service can quickly migrate Dropbox files to Google Drive, which is the most simple and effective method, it can greatly improve your efficiency, RiceDrive is a free online service, you do not need to download a computer client, You only need to manage multiple cloud storages through a browser, it supports unified management of more than 30 cloud storages, and can migrate & move files from any Cloud to any Cloud very well. Besides, RiceDrive can also help you clean up the cloud Storage space to help you clean the recycle bin, find large files, duplicate files, empty folders.