Save Videos From YouTube To Google Drive

If you need to save videos from YouTube to Google Drive, you’d probably want to do that as easily and directly as possible, especially if you have a lot of videos to save. Ideally, you’d want YouTube videos to be saved to Google Drive automatically.

Since YouTube does not offer the functionality of automatic save videos to Google Drive, the only way to fully automate the process is to use a secure third party migration tool.

RiceDrive is an online app designed to automatically save videos by URL, including save YouTube videos to Google Drive. It makes saving YouTube videos to Google Drive as simple as possible.

Or, you want to download YouTube to your computer and upload it to your Google Drive, but YouTube does not provide downloading videos. You need to use third-party tools. There is no complicated operation to use ricedrive, just simply copy the YouTube video url.

In this article, we will use the simplest and most direct way to save YouTube videos to your Google Drive. It is easier to use, just provide a video URL, you can automatically save YouTube video to your Google Drive.

1Step - Log in to RiceDrive

RiceDrive is a secure online tool for downloading videos and audios from a lot of websites to Google Drive, including YouTube. It will download all videos and music you like to Google Drive automatically and these videos are 1080p HD videos.

To get a RiceDrive account, you don't need to fill in your personal information, Try it Now and get 10GB of download traffic for free.

Login RiceDrive to save YouTube Videos to Google Drive

2Step - Authorize your Google Drive to RiceDrive

We don't recommend downloading YouTube videos to your computer, but to your Google Drive Because using Google Drive can better manage your video files and these videos will not occupy computer space. Authorize your Google Drive to RiceDrive.

After logging in to your RiceDrive workspace, click "Link storage" to start adding your Google Drive. Here, just a few clicks are required. Successfully adding Google Drive, you can manage all the files in your Google Drive by using RiceDrive.

Authorize Google Drive to RiceDrive

3Step - Create a new task to save your YouTube video to Google Drive

There are only two simple steps to create a task. Click "Transfer & Download" to open the task desktop, where you will see a "New task" button to create a task. Click it and the create task dialog box appears. Enter the name and URL of your YouTube video, and select a directory in Google Drive to save your video. When these have been completed, click "Start up" to start saving your video.

Copy the video URL create a task to save YouTube video to Google Drive

Why choose RiceDrive?

RiceDrive supports the best cloud drive in the world, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, MEGA, PCloud and Amazon S3 more than 20+ cloud drives. You can select multiple cloud drives to save your videos, so you don't have to worry about your lack of storage space. In addition, RiceDrive also has several other advantages including:

  1. Cloud drive also has the advantage of large storage space, which is better than traditional storage devices. It can store a large number of files without occupying local space.
  2. It will be easier to manage videos, photos and music files using cloud drive.
  3. You can share videos and photos with your friends and families.
  4. Many cloud drives support different devices, such as mobile phone, computer, web page, ipad. It can allows you watch video anytime, anywhere.

What Services Does RiceDrive Support?

RiceDrive now supports more than 700+ video sites on internet. You can easily find more videos you want and download them to your cloud drive.

RiceDrive supports more services and cloud drives

In addition to downloading video or audio to Google Drive, RiceDrive includes more features:

  1. RiceDrive can help you migrate files from Dropbox to Google Drive.
    Transfer Files from Dropbox to Google Drive
  2. RiceDrive can help you migrate files from OneDrive to Google Drive.
    Transfer Files from OneDrive to Google Drive
  3. RiceDrive can help you save M3U8 videos to Google Drive.
    Save M3U8 Videos to Google Drive
  4. RiceDrive can help you scan and delete duplicate files and empty folders in Google Drive.
    How to Scan and Delete Duplicates In Google Drive?

A video tutorial to save video to Google Drive:


RiceDrive is the best cloud drive tool, which can help you process the files in the cloud drive. If you're having trouble downloading videos, please do not hesitate to contact us [email protected] .