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How to Download TikTok videos to Cloud Storage?

Tiktok video is very popular now. We often find videos we like, but we don't know how to download it. Tell you how to download tiktok video. The way to download tiktok videos is very simple. You only need to have a popular cloud storage. Such as Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive MEAG and other popular storage.

Find TikTok video URL
  1. Open Chrome and navigate to the video page.
  2. Right click the video on the page > Inspect.
  3. Copy the video URL.
TikTok URL
Download video to my OneDrive
  1. Click "Sync & Transfer".
  2. Click "New task" to open the task creation panel.
  3. Select "Web URL", fill in your video name and TikTok URL.
  4. Select a target and click "Start up".
  5. Click "View it" to check the progress.
Download TikTok by webURL TikTok Result

Now you can find the TikTok video in your storage. You can try it, it's very easy. If you have any questions, please contact us. RiceDrive has not associated with food, but we hope it is right and nice for you!