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Transfer Files from Google Drive to Dropbox [2023]

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In 2023, perhaps you have been using Google Drive for a long time. You almost add files to your Google Drive every day, and without realizing it, it has already accumulated a large number of files. Now, for whatever reason, if you want to transfer these files to Dropbox, the process may be quite complex.

How do i transfer file from Google Drive to Dropbox? You can download all files from Google Drive to your computer and then upload them to Dropbox. It will definitely consume a lot of time and bandwidth, which is not an effective method.

Benefits of using RiceDrive to transfer data

  • RiceDrive is a data transfer tool that can help you quickly transfer all files from Google Drive to Dropbox. It does not rely on your local infrastructure when transmitting data.

  • Easy to use with just a few simple steps, RiceDrive can allow you to transfer from Dropbox to Google Drive. When the data transmission ends, you will get a complete transmission report.

  • You can try it for free now, and we will provide you with a good transmission speed and 10GB traffic.

  • With just a small fee, you can become a VIP user. VIP users will enjoy faster transfer speeds and unlimited traffic without worrying about the additional cost of transmitting traffic.

With these advantages, RiceDrive can help you quickly transfer large amounts of files or several TB data without wasting your valuable time and money.

How to transfer between 2 cloud storages using RiceDrive tool?

  1. To make use of RiceDrive, you don't need to register an account, just enter an email to Sign in to ricedrive.com. Sign In RiceDrive
  2. Connect to your Dropbox and Google Drive Connect Dropbox to RiceDrive
  3. Create task to transfer Google Drive to Dropbox Transfer Google Drive to Dropbox
  4. Don't need to wait for the task to end, you can access RiceDrive at any time to view the task progress and transfer reports. transfer Log

Problems with transferring Google to Dropbox

  1. Dropbox does not support special characters or temporary file names (such as " ? * : > .tmp")
  2. If the task frequently experiences file transfer failures, the task will automatically abort. Please check the reason. Maybe Dropbox is out of space.
  3. If some files fail, you can re-transfer them through Restart button.

More about RiceDrive

With the help of RiceDrive, You can transfer data between over 30+ the best cloud storages, it is easy and fast. Compared to other transfer or migration tools: RiceDrive can transfers a large number of files and a big data, and the cost is also cheaper.

If you have other clouds that RiceDrive supports, such as OneDrive, IceDrive, Amazon S3, pCloud, MEGA, etc., you can also directly migrate Google Drive to Dropbox or copy OneDrive to Google Drive. If you want to download some pictures and videos from the public network to your cloud drive, RiceDrive can also download them directly to your cloud drive.