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How to sync Dropbox to Google Drive?

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Dropbox is mainly aimed at enterprise users, providing enterprise level file sharing and collaboration tools. Users can create folders and upload files, but cannot share files with other users. Dropbox also provides functions such as file version control, encryption, compression, and decompression to protect the security and integrity of files.

Google Drive and Dropbox are both very convenient, allowing users to access their own files anytime, anywhere, and access other users' files through the network. The difference between the two is that Google Drive places more emphasis on storage and file sharing functions for individual users, while Dropbox places more emphasis on file sharing and collaboration tools for enterprise users.

If you don't want to give up either Google Drive or Dropbox, RiceDrive can help you manage both Google Drive and Dropbox accounts. RiceDrive can also solve the problem of Google Drive and Dorpbox's data not being automatically synchronized.

Connect Google Drive and Dropbox

  1. Sign in to ricedrive.com
  2. Click Link storage.
  3. Select Dropbox or Google Drive to connect.
  4. After connecting Dropbox and Google Drive, you can copy, delete, upload, and download files from Dropbox and Google Drive with RiceDrive.
Connect Dropbox to RiceDrive

Sync Dropbox to Google Drive

  1. Click Cloud Sync.
  2. Click New Sync.
  3. Select Dropbox folder as sync source.
  4. Select Google's folder as sync target.
  5. Select sync way.
  6. Click start up.
Sync Dropbox to Google Drive

Check Sync Progress and Log

  1. Click View It.
  2. See the sync progress from Dropbox to Google Drive.
  3. Sync completed, check sync logs and Google Drive folder.
Sync progress


  • Three sync ways(one-way sync, mirror sync, and two-way sync) make different sync results.
  • You can set filter to limit the files that can be synchronized.
  • Set up an email to tell you sync result.
  • VIP account can set schedule for your sync.


If you need to synchronize a lot of data to Google Drive, it is necessary to upgrade your RiceDrive account to VIP. It allows you to synchronize unlimited and speeds up the synchronization of data.