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How to Save Url to Google Drive? [2023]

As you know that Google Drive is mainly a tool used to store files such as images, videos, music, etc. If you want to save these files from the URL to Google Drive, you usually need to download them and upload them to Google Drive. However, you must find the correct download url for the file.

RiceDrive is a data moving tool for your cloud drives. You can download image, video, music from url to your cloud drive use RiceDrive, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, MEGA, and other popular cloud drives. You can save music from Yotube, save videos from Tiktok, download images from Pinterest to your cloud storage.

We can download file from the UR to Google Drive directly. But the question is how can we save urls to Google Drive?

How to connect Google Drive to RiceDrive?

  1. To make use of RiceDrive, you don't need to register an account, just enter an email to Sign in to ricedrive.com. Sign In RiceDrive
  2. Select Google Drive icon.
  3. Click "Connect to Google Drive". Connect Google Drive to RiceDrive
  4. Select what RiceDrive can access on Google Drive oauth screen. auth Google Drive

After successfully completing these steps, you can view and manage files on Google Drive with RiceDrive.

Create task to save file from the url to Google Drive?

Just follow the following steps, mainly saving YouTube videos to Google Drive as an example.

  1. Click "Transfer & Download".
  2. Click "New Transfer" button.
  3. Select "Web" as the source.
  4. Select a folder in Google Drive to save the file.
  5. Fill in the url and file name.
  6. Click "Start up" button.
  7. Check the progress and the task report.
  8. save url to Google Drive

Problems with saving url to Google Drive

  1. The URL must be public and cannot be accessed by logging into an account.
  2. The URL can be a valid download URL.
  3. If it is a video file, enter xxx.mp4 as the file name; Audio file, enter yyy.mp3 as the file name.

More about RiceDrive

With the help of RiceDrive, you can download the videos and music you want from many websites to your cloud storage. But this is not any website, which requires you to use RiceDrive to try and download these URL file. if you want to download music from Music YouTube, or download videos from Facebook and TikTok, RiceDrive can download them for you to your cloud drive.

In addition to being able to obtain audio and video from the network, RiceDrive also provides transfer and sync files between your cloud drives.