Many individuals and businesses are making the switch from Box to Google Drive for file storage and collaboration. Google Drive offers competitive pricing, ample storage space, and seamless integration with G Suite apps. RiceDrive is a useful tool that makes migrating from Box to Drive quick and painless. In this article, we’ll walk through the step-by-step process of using RiceDrive to migrate files from Box to Google Drive.


Before migration, take some time to prepare your Box and Google accounts:

  • Audit and organize your Box storage. Delete any unnecessary files and rearrange your folder structure if needed. This will make migration faster and prevent duplicate or unused files from cluttering your new Drive storage.

  • Check your Drive storage limits. Make sure you have enough space to accommodate the contents of your Box account. Upgrade to a larger storage plan if needed.

  • Sign up for RiceDrive and connect both your Box and Google Drive accounts. RiceDrive will facilitate the transfer between these cloud services.

Migrating Files with RiceDrive

The bulk of the migration process takes place in RiceDrive. After connecting your accounts, follow these steps:

  1. Choose source and destination - In the RiceDrive dashboard, select Box as the source and Google Drive as the destination. Double check that you have the correct accounts connected.

  2. Select content to migrate - Choose which files and folders you want to migrate. You can migrate your entire Box storage or select specific folders.

  3. Map folder structure - Map your Box folders to new folders in Drive. This will replicate your original Box organization.

  4. Choose transfer settings - Select transfer File exist action and Email options.

  5. Run and monitor transfer - After configuring settings, run the transfer job. Monitor progress from the RiceDrive dashboard. Large transfers may take hours or days.

  6. Resolve errors - Cancel, restart, or retry failed transfers. When migrating large amounts of files, some transfer errors are inevitable. After the migration task finishes, click Restart to retry any failed transfers.

  7. Double check migration - Once finished, log in to both Box and Drive to ensure all files migrated correctly. Re-run the transfer job if needed.

Confirming Migration and Cleanup

Once finished, log in to Google Drive directly to confirm all data transferred properly with original file structure intact. You can now clean up your Box by removing any duplicated data now in Google Drive.

Adjusting to Google Drive

After migration, take advantage of Google Drive's features and get settled into your new storage environment:

  • Set up Google File Stream to access Drive files through your desktop file explorer.

  • Share files and folders and set permissions to match your existing Box collaborator settings.

  • Make use of built-in Drive software like Google Docs and Sheets for office tasks and collaboration.

  • Use Drive's powerful search to easily find files and leverage the trash bin to recover deleted items.

  • Utilize Drive's sync functionality to keep files up-to-date across devices. Any changes will propagate instantly.

  • Switch on auto-tagging to automatically apply tags and make files easier to discover.

Migrating your data from Box to Google Drive with RiceDrive dramatically simplifies the process of switching between these cloud storage platforms. Follow the steps outlined in this article to seamlessly transfer your files, maintain your existing organization, collaborate effectively, and take advantage of Drive's many benefits. The combination of Drive's superior features and RiceDrive's simple but powerful migration tools enables a quick, headache-free transition between services.

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