In today's digital world, most of us rely on cloud storage services like OneDrive and Google Drive to store and access our files from anywhere. However, juggling multiple cloud accounts can become a hassle when you need to transfer files between different services. This is where RiceDrive comes in - it's a freemium cloud storage manager that allows you to easily sync and transfer files between cloud drives like OneDrive and Google Drive.

In this article, we'll walk you through how to use RiceDrive to sync your OneDrive content over to Google Drive. Whether you want to migrate fully from OneDrive or just need to move select files, RiceDrive makes it easy. Follow along as we show you how to get set up and syncing in just a few quick steps.

In this detailed guide, we will go through the steps to copy files and folders from Yandex Disk to Google Drive using the RiceDrive platform.

Why Sync OneDrive to Google Drive?

Here are some of the key reasons you may want to sync your OneDrive content over to Google Drive using RiceDrive:

  • Migrate fully from OneDrive to Google Drive - If you are looking to transition completely over to Google Drive, syncing with RiceDrive makes it easy to move all your OneDrive files.

  • Access OneDrive files from Google Drive - Syncing OneDrive to Google Drive lets you access your OneDrive content directly within Google Drive for enhanced convenience.

  • Free up OneDrive storage - If you are running out of storage on OneDrive, syncing files over to Google Drive can help free up needed space.

  • Collaborate on files - Syncing OneDrive to Google Drive allows you to collaborate with other Google users on files originally stored in OneDrive.

  • Integration and sharing - You can more easily integrate synced OneDrive files stored in Google Drive within other G Suite apps like Google Docs.

  • Enhanced accessibility - Storing your OneDrive files in Google Drive as well gives you an additional way to access them if OneDrive is ever down.

As you can see, syncing your OneDrive to Google Drive opens up a lot of useful possibilities. The ability to seamlessly merge content from multiple cloud drives makes RiceDrive a very valuable tool.

Step-by-Step Guide to Syncing OneDrive to Google Drive

Ready to start syncing your OneDrive files over to Google Drive? Follow these steps to get RiceDrive set up and your cloud drives connected:

  1. Create a RiceDrive account

    • Go to the RiceDrive website and click Sign In to create your free account. Enter your email, and send a login code to this email.

    • Check your email inbox for a message from RiceDrive and fill in your login code to verify your account.

    RiceDrive Login Page
  2. Connect OneDrive account

    • In your RiceDrive control panel, click Link Storage and select OneDrive from the cloud storage options.

    • Sign in to your OneDrive account when prompted.

    Connect OneDrive
  3. Connect Google Drive account

    • Repeat the same process to connect your Google Drive account. Sign in to Google Drive when prompted.

    Connect Google Drive
  4. Open Create Sync page

    • From the left menu, click on Cloud Sync. This will display your Sync Tasks.

    • Click Create Sync - The Create Sync page will open.

    Open Create Sync Page
  5. Select OneDrive folder to sync

    • From the left tree menu, Select OneDrive. This will display your OneDrive file structure.

    • Navigate and click the folder you want to sync over to Google Drive.

  6. Choose Google Drive destination

    • On the right tree menu, select Google Drive to open your Google Drive folders.

    • Select the folder where you want your synced OneDrive files to be placed.

  7. Sync your OneDrive to Google Drive

    • With your chosen OneDrive folder selected on the left and target Google Drive folder selected on the right, click Start up.

    • Confirm your sync settings and RiceDrive will seamlessly transfer your OneDrive files over to Google Drive.

    • The sync may take a while depending on how large your OneDrive folder is. Let it run to fully transfer all your content.

    Create Sync for OneDrive to Google Drive
  8. Check the sync report

    • After the sync is complete, click the Logs icon next to the sync task. Here you will find detailed results of the sync.

    • If some files failed to sync to Google Drive, click the Restart icon.

    • The system will sync the failed files again. The sync will only transfer files that failed, files previously synced successfully will not be transferred again.

    Open Sync Log

And that's it! RiceDrive makes it incredibly easy to set up a simple one-way sync from your OneDrive account to your Google Drive. Now you can access, edit, and share your synced OneDrive files directly within Google Drive.

Managing and Customizing Your Sync

Now that you've set up the initial sync from OneDrive to Google Drive, here are some key things you can do to manage the sync going forward:

  • View sync progress - You can view the sync status and current progress to see how the transfer is coming along.

  • Edit sync - If you want to change the OneDrive folder being synced or the destination location, you can edit the sync at any time.

  • Cancel/restart sync - You can temporarily cancel the sync if needed or resume it anytime.

  • Selective sync - Choose to only sync select subfolders from your OneDrive rather than the entire folder.

  • Two-way sync - Beyond one-way sync from OneDrive to Google Drive, you can also choose two-way sync to automatically update both cloud drives simultaneously.

  • Sync frequency - Adjust how frequently RiceDrive syncs your drives - continuously, daily, weekly, etc.

Take advantage of these options within RiceDrive to customize your sync in a way that best meets your specific needs and preferences. The platform gives you full control.

Migrating Fully from OneDrive to Google Drive

If your goal is to completely migrate your OneDrive content over to Google Drive, RiceDrive streamlines the process. Here are some tips for fully transitioning:

  • Sync your primary OneDrive folders - Start by syncing your main OneDrive folders like Documents, Pictures, Desktop, etc.

  • Sync any shared folders - Sync over any OneDrive folders or files you have shared access to via other users.

  • Download OneDrive files on your computer - Use OneDrive desktop app to download any files stored locally on your computer to have backup copies.

  • Pause OneDrive app syncing - Once you have fully synced from OneDrive to Google Drive, pause syncing in OneDrive app and RiceDrive.

  • Upload new computer files - Upload any remaining files from your computer directly to Google Drive.

  • Move files to your new Google Drive - Going forward, save and upload files to your new Google Drive account rather than OneDrive.

  • Handle Office integrations - Add your new Google Drive to Office apps for direct file saving there instead of OneDrive.

Following this process will help you smoothly transition even large OneDrive libraries over to Google Drive with RiceDrive.


Syncing OneDrive to Google Drive doesn't have to be difficult - RiceDrive makes it almost effortless. With just a few clicks, you can connect your OneDrive account, select folders to transfer, choose your Google Drive destination, and sync. Whether you just need to occasionally move OneDrive files to Google Drive or completely migrate off OneDrive, RiceDrive has you covered.

The powerful transfer and sync capabilities paired with customizable options give you full control over your cloud storage. Avoid the hassles of manual transfers between drives and let RiceDrive's intelligent automation do the work for you. Seamlessly merge your OneDrive and Google Drive contents with the most trusted cloud storage manager.

Give RiceDrive a try today to experience simpler cloud storage management and get your OneDrive fully in sync with Google Drive!

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