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About RiceDrive

MEGA and Dropbox are the best free storage, but their services and prices have their own advantages. Sometimes we need to change cloud drives to save our files. We need to use third-party tools to migrate our files. RiceDrive is a tool that can transfer files in different cloud drives and provide 10GB of free transffic for you.

RiceDrive can not only migrate files from one cloud storage to another, but also download videos and music from the network to your cloud storage and help you scan your storage and clean duplicate files or empty folders.

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Transfer files from MEGA to Google Drive quickly in 2022

Transfer files between MEGA and Dropbox in 2023

If you want to transfer or migrate files between Dropbox and MEGA, the simplest way is downloading and uploading. Just a few files, maybe you can easily complete it. What if your number of files is tens of thousands or millions? RiceDrive can help you quickly transfer or migrate a large number of files between Dropbox and MEGA. Just a few steps.

Step 1 - Authorize MEGA and Dropbox

Login RiceDrive with your Dropbox account or use an email. and then connect your MEGA and Dropbox after entering the workspace. For MEGA account, you need to fill MEGA's email and password. After successful authorization,the file list will be displayed and you can manage these files through RiceDrive.

Authorize MEGA

Step 2 - Create task to transfer files

Before creating a transfer task, make sure that your target cloud drive has enough free space.
Enter the Create Task page. Click "Transfer & Download" > "New task" > "My Storage".
select the entire cloud drive or some files as the source.
Select a folder as the target, and then click "Start up".

MEGA to Dropbox

Step 3 - Check task's status

After the task is successfully created, you can close the browser or computer, and our system will complete the file migration. After a period of time, when you visit the RiceDrive website again, you can view the task progress or find the task log.

Check the running status of the task under the 'Running Tasks' tab.

The progress of MEGA to Dropbox

Step 4 - Check task log

When the task is completed, you can check the task log. The log icon is green, indicating that all files have been successfully transferred. You can click "Restart" to ensure that all files have been transferred. When some files fail to transfer, also click "Restart" to start the task again. No files in the log have been transferred, indicating that all files have been successfully transferred.

The Result transfer MEGA to Dropbox

By upgrading your account, RiceDrive will provide you with unlimited transmission traffic and faster speed.