In this digital age, our demand for cloud storage continues to rise, with popular services like Dropbox and Google Photos often capturing users' attention. While we frequently compare Dropbox vs Google Photos, delving into their respective strengths and weaknesses, our focus today is not on determining which service is superior. Instead, we will explore in detail how to transfer photos from Dropbox to Google Photos, enabling you to seamlessly and conveniently switch between these two cloud storage services. Next, I will introduce two methods for migrating Dropbox files to Google Photos.

Method 1: Manual Migration

Manually transferring Dropbox photos to Google Photos involves downloading the data from one cloud storage and then uploading it to another. Here's a brief overview:

  1. Log In to Your Accounts: Start by logging into your Dropbox account and your Google Photos account in your web browser.

  2. Select Photos: Dropbox, choose the photos you want to migrate. This could be individual photos or entire folders.

  3. Download Photos: Use Dropbox's download feature to download the selected photos to your computer. Ensure you choose the original resolution to preserve the best quality.

  4. Log In to Google Photos: Switch to Google Photos and log in to your Google account.

  5. Upload Photos: In Google Photos, use the upload feature to select and upload the photos you downloaded from Dropbox.

  6. Organize Photos: Google Photos provides powerful photo organization tools. You can create albums, add tags, and more to better manage your photos.

When opting for the manual transfer method, users need to weigh the advantages and disadvantages mentioned above and make a decision based on their needs and preferences. For users with smaller-scale needs, a preference for fine control and quality, manual transfer may be a suitable choice.

Method 2: Use RiceDrive to move photos from Dropbox to Google Photos.

RiceDrive is an online multi-cloud storage management service that enables users to easily manage multiple cloud storage accounts through one platform. You can effortlessly transfer files between different cloud storages using RiceDrive without the need for cumbersome download and upload operations.

Step 1: Register and Log in to RiceDrive

  1. Open the RiceDrive official website and navigate to the login page.

  2. In the email address input box, enter your email address and click the send button.

  3. Access your email to retrieve the verification code and enter it into the verification code box, then click login.

longin ricedrive

Step 2: Add Dropbox and Google Photos Cloud Storage in RiceDrive

  1. In the RiceDrive dashboard, click the "Link Storage" button in the left navigation panel.

  2. Select "Dropbox" and follow the on-screen prompts to authorize RiceDrive to access your Dropbox account.

  3. Repeat the same process to link your Google Photos account to RiceDrive.

authorization Dropbox account to RiceDrive

Step 3: Create a Transfer Task from Dropbox to Google Photos

  1. In the RiceDrive dashboard, click the "Transfer & Download" button in the left navigation panel.

  2. On the "Transfer & Download" page, click the "Create Transfer" button.

  3. Choose Dropbox as the source and select the files or folders you want to transfer.

  4. For the target cloud storage, select the Google Photos account where you want to transfer the files.

  5. Additionally, you can set a schedule or file filtering options for the transfer task. Once everything is configured, click the "Start" button to execute the task.

move photos from dropbox to google photos

Step 4: Check Task Execution Logs

During the execution of the transfer task, you can track the migration progress in RiceDrive's task list. Alternatively, you can close RiceDrive and attend to other important matters; RiceDrive will automatically complete the task in the background.

Compared to manual methods, RiceDrive can assist you in transferring files from one cloud storage service to another without the need to download or re-upload them. This approach can save a significant amount of time, bandwidth, and disk space resources. Additionally, RiceDrive is cross-platform, with not only an Android app but also support for transferring photos from Dropbox to Google Photos on iPhone.


This article discusses two free methods for migrating from Dropbox to Google Drive. Regardless of the chosen method, both can successfully complete the file migration. The key lies in making a choice based on individual needs and ensuring the security and integrity of the photos. We hope this article assists you in successfully migrating your photos and making the most of the various features offered by Google Photos.

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