transfer OneDrive to Google Drive
Rice Drive can help you solve the following problems:

  1. Free migration of OneDrive files to Google Drive.
  2. Regularly sync or backup cloud storage data to another cloud storage.
  3. Copy cloud storage data to another cloud storage.
  4. Helps you clean up duplicate files, empty folders, large files in cloud storage.

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How to Transfer Files From OneDrive to Google Drive?

Cloud storage is a commonly used service. Each of us is synchronizing data to the cloud all the time, so the amount of data stored in the cloud becomes larger and larger. However, due to business, price, user experience and other reasons, it may be Let you choose other cloud storage services. At this time, if you want to migrate a large amount of data to the new cloud storage, you need to manually download the data of the old cloud storage, and then upload it to the new cloud storage, which will be a huge project , which will not only waste local disk space, but also take a lot of time. At this time, we need to use third-party tools to help us quickly migrate data. RiceDrive is a free online service for multi-cloud storage management. Quickly migrate data from one cloud storage to another cloud storage without downloading and uploading operations. RiceDrive can create a cloud storage data migration task with only a few simple operations. You don't need to care about more details. RiceDrive will automatically help you transfer in the background. The operation steps of RiceDrive will be introduced in detail below, and a video tutorial will be attached at the end by the way.

Step 1. Log in directly to RiceDrive using email without registration

In the email input box, enter your email address, and click the "Get Verification Code" button, then open your email, copy the verification code sent by RiceDrive, paste it into the verification code input box, and click the login button.

log in to ricedrive

Step 2. Authorize OneDrive and Google Drive to RiceDrive

1. Enter the "link storage" page, select Google Drive cloud storage, and then click the "Authorize Now" button on the right to start the Google Drive authorization operation.

authorization Google account to RiceDrive

When authorizing, you need to tick the checkbox to grant RiceDrive view, edit permissions, and then click the "Continue" button.

grant RiceDrive permissions

2. Authorize OneDrive account to RiceDrive.

Select OneDrive cloud storage and click the "Authorize Now" button to start the authorization operation. During the authorization process, you need to log in to your Onedrive account and agree to authorize RiceDrive to view and edit files.

Authorize OneDrive account

5. OneDrive and Google Drive authorized successfully, You can manage them and create transfer or sync tasks for them.

OneDrive and Google Drive authorized successfully

Step 3. Enter the transfer page and create a OneDrive to Google Drive transfer task

In the source, check the OneDrive files you need to transfer, and then in the destination, select a folder in Google Drive as the target location, if you need to backup or sync every day, then you can set up a daily schedule for the transfer task.

create OneDrive to Google Drive transfer task.png

The task of transferring files from OneDrive to Google Drive has been successfully created and is being executed.

transfer task executing

The transfer task is executed successfully, the onedrive folder is transferred to Google Drive.

Transfer data from OneDrive to Google Drive successfully


This is the easiest way to use RiceDrive service to migrate Onedrive data to Google Drive, you don't need to download software, you only need to do a few simple operations in the web application, you can migrate your cloud storage data to another Cloud storage, and you can also use RiceDrive to create a scheduled task to regularly backup or sync your cloud storage data to another cloud storage. In addition to the transfer and synchronization functions, RiceDrive also has many powerful functions, such as downloading files to the cloud Storage, cleaning cloud disk duplicate files, large files function.