How to manage google drive multiple accounts on same computer


Help you solve the trouble of data synchronization and unified management between multiple Google accounts, and make your cloud disk account management simpler and easier.

The hassle of managing multiple Google accounts

Google drive is a very popular cloud disk. It can help you store the memories you want to keep forever. If you have a lot of photos, videos, music, mv, etc., you can store them in the cloud disk. At the same time, it has 15G. Free storage space, you can store a large number of files, and you don’t need to take up local space, it can also automatically back up to prevent data loss, and can also synchronize data on mobile phones and computers. This also allows you to view it anytime, anywhere, which is very convenient.

Usually, when we only have 1 Google account, it is easy to manage, but in fact most people have multiple accounts, the most common one is a work account, a private account, and some even have to put Family accounts are managed in a unified way. When data needs to be exchanged between cloud disks, the data needs to be downloaded locally and then uploaded to another cloud disk. This is very convenient whether it is on Google Drive for Desktop or a browser. Troublesome operation, at this time, it will be a blessing to have a cloud disk management service, which can help you centrally manage many cloud disks, and it can easily migrate data from one cloud disk to another. , help you reduce unnecessary trouble and save local disk space.

Sign in to multiple accounts at once

How to manage multiple google accounts on the same computer

RiceDrive is a safe and simple cloud disk multi-account management service. With RiceDrive, you can manage not only many Google accounts but also other commonly used cloud disk accounts, such as OneDrive, box, dropbox, etc., whether on MAC or Windows. You don’t need to download software. You can simply log in to it through a browser to manage the cloud disks in a unified manner, and then perform operations such as data migration and synchronization among multiple cloud disks. Not only that, but it also supports Some commonly used file management functions, such as upload, download, delete and other operations help you to better manage cloud disks.

Use RiceDrive service to manage Multiple Google Accounts

Step 1 Log in to RiceDrive

There are many ways to log in to RiceDrive, you can directly use google, drpbox, facesbook, OneDrive and other accounts to authorize login, or you can use email to accept verification code login, these two methods can reduce the trouble of registration, and use verification code to log in The method is more secure, because the verification code is sent to your email, and the validity time of each verification code is only 5 minutes.

sign in to RiceDrive

Step 2 Add Google Drive Accounts in Ricedrive

After logging in to RiceDrive, click Link Storage and then select Google Cloud Drive to start the account authorization operation. RiceDrive provides 2 authorization methods. The first is to store the authorized account information in your local browser. The second is to authorize the account. The information is stored on RiceDrive’s servers. The advantages of storing locally When you change browsers or computers, after logging in to RiceDrive again, your authorized Google account will not be displayed, and you will not be able to manage your Google Drive in another browser or computer, but this also It increases the security, and the way of storing in the server will be more flexible. It is not restricted by browsers and computers, and you can manage your cloud disk account anytime, anywhere.

Click Authorize Now to enter the account authorization operation.

Authorize Google Account in RiceDrive

After authorization, the Google account is added successfully, and then the cloud disk can be managed in My Drives.

Manage google accounts in RiceDrive

RiceDrive can move, delete, copy, rename folders or files.

File management function of RiceDrive

Step 3 Sync files and folders from multiple Google Drives

Create a sync or transfer task, first set the source files you need to sync, and then set the target location you want to sync.

Create a sync or transfer task in RiceDrive

Open settings to set file filter conditions for tasks.

Set filter conditions for RiceDrive tasks

Open the schedule settings to set a timed schedule. After designing the scheduled task, you don’t need to worry about it, the RiceDrive background will help you synchronize automatically.

Create a scheduled task in RiceDrive

Sync task is executing.

RiceDrive task execution status


RiceDrive is a free multi-cloud management service. When you have multiple cloud disks, it is a good choice for management. It can help you do cloud disk data backup and file management, and let your cloud disks Easier to manage, saving your precious time.