In today's digital world, many of us use multiple cloud storage services to store and access our files. Two popular options are pCloud and Google Drive. pCloud is known for its security and privacy features, while Google Drive offers great collaboration tools. However, using multiple cloud services can make file management tedious as your data is scattered across different platforms. This is where RiceDrive comes in - it's a convenient third-party tool that allows you to seamlessly transfer files between pCloud and Google Drive. In this article, we'll explore how RiceDrive enables easy file transfers between these two cloud storage services.

Overview of pCloud and Google Drive

pCloud is a secure cloud storage service that emphasizes privacy and security. It provides client-side encryption, ensuring only you can access your files. pCloud also has features like file versioning and "trash" which lets you restore deleted files. Its base plan offers 10GB of storage for free. pCloud appeals to users who value security and control over their data.

Google Drive needs no introduction - it's Google's massively popular cloud storage service. Its key strength is collaboration. Google Drive lets you easily share files and folders and allows collaborative editing of documents in real-time. The free plan offers 15GB of storage. Google Drive is great for teams and offices due to its seamless integration with other G Suite apps.

While pCloud and Google Drive have different strengths, you may want to use both for different storage needs. This is where transferring files between the two services comes in handy.

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Introducing RiceDrive - An Efficient Transfer Tool

RiceDrive is a handy third-party application that lets you quickly transfer files between cloud drives like pCloud and Google Drive. With RiceDrive, you can bid farewell to manually downloading and re-uploading files when you want to move them between different cloud services.

Some key features of RiceDrive include:

  • Intuitive drag-and-drop interface for easy file transfers

  • Transfer speeds up to 10 times faster than normal uploads/downloads

  • Support for batch transfers of multiple files and folders

  • Option to sync files between cloud drives for automated two-way transfer

  • Detailed transfer logs to track movement of your data

  • Secure - files are transferred directly between cloud servers i.e. no third-party

RiceDrive supports all major cloud storage providers including pCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Box and many more. It's available as a web app as well as desktop apps for Windows and Mac. The free version lets you transfer up to 2GB per transfer while premium plans enable larger transfers.

Step-by-Step Guide to Transfer Files from pCloud to Google Drive

Using RiceDrive to transfer files from pCloud to Google Drive takes just a few simple steps:

  1. Create a free RiceDrive account and log in to the web app or desktop app.

  2. Connect both your pCloud and Google Drive accounts to RiceDrive via the "Link Storage" option. The connection process is secure - RiceDrive uses OAuth authentication and does not store your cloud credentials.

  3. Once connected, your pCloud and Google Drive storage will appear as options on the My Drives.

  4. Open Transfer Creation page, Click pCloud and navigate to the files or folders you want to transfer and your Google Drive folder.

  5. RiceDrive will instantly start the transfer process and you'll see the transfer progress. Transfers take just a fraction of time compared to conventional download-upload.

  6. Once finished, you can switch to Google Drive to confirm the files have been successfully transferred from pCloud.

And that's it! In a few simple click actions you can seamlessly move your files between pCloud and Google Drive with RiceDrive.

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Bonus Features

RiceDrive offers a few bonus useful features:

  • Schedule recurring transfers (e.g. daily backup from pCloud to Google Drive)

  • Generate shareable transfer links to send files to others

  • Sync files between cloud drives for automated two-way transfer

  • Receive email notifications when transfers are completed

  • Detailed transfer logs help keep track of movements for your records

  • Secure encrypted transfer to add an extra layer of security

So beyond just transferring files, you can leverage these additional RiceDrive capabilities for your workflow.


Transferring files between different cloud storage platforms can be a headache without the right tools. RiceDrive provides an efficient and reliable solution to move your data between pCloud and Google Drive with ease. Simply install, connect your accounts, drag-and-drop to transfer, and you're done!

With its fast transfer speeds, intuitive interface and support for multiple clouds, RiceDrive is a must-have application for anyone actively using multiple cloud storage services today. Sign up for a free account and simplify your cross-cloud file management now!

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