The era of multi-cloud storage is here. Nowadays people often use various cloud storage services like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, MEGA, etc. When you need to transfer files between different cloud storages, the traditional download and re-upload method is extremely tedious and inefficient. This is when you need an intelligent and efficient cross-cloud transfer tool.

What can a professional cross-cloud transfer tool do?

  1. Support mainstream cloud storages

    A great cross-cloud transfer tool would support mainstream cloud storage services like Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, etc. The wider the support, the more it can satisfy users' various transfer needs.

  2. Fast transfer speed

    Cross-cloud transfer needs efficient and stable transfer speeds, and support resume mechanisms to ensure reliable transfer of large files. Fast transfer can save users a lot of time.

  3. Support both free and premium users

    It should meet the basic transfer needs of free users, and also provide premium users with more advanced features like batch transfers, encryption, etc. On-demand service is the key.

  4. Simple and easy to use

    The cross-cloud transfer tool must be very easy to use, so users can get started quickly without any professional skills. An intuitive interface improves user experience.

  5. Secure and stable

    Security is the top priority. Be cautious when choosing a transfer tool to ensure the transfer process is reliable and secure without leaking private data.

RiceDrive is a professional and reliable cross-cloud transfer tool. It satisfies the above key requirements and can efficiently connect various major cloud services seamlessly, enabling file transfer between different cloud storages.

What cloud storage services does RiceDrive support?

RiceDrive supports most mainstream cloud storage services, including:

  • International services: Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Box, Uptobox, Amazon S3, MEGAetc.

  • Protocol services: Icedrive, Yandex Disk, OpenDrive, 4Shared, FTP, SFTP, WebDav, etc.

In short, RiceDrive covers most cloud storage services used by individual and enterprise users. This means you can transfer files from one cloud to another anytime, anywhere, achieving seamless connection of cloud storages.

What are the main features of RiceDrive?

File transfer & sync

RiceDrive can quickly transfer single or multiple files. Just simple drag and drop to transfer files between clouds. It also supports file sync, keeping files on both cloud drives in sync.

Large file transfer support

Even large files can be reliably transferred. RiceDrive utilizes chunked transfer technology to steadily transfer GBs or even TBs of large files with high success rate.

Scheduled transfers

You can pre-set scheduled plans to auto-transfer files at specified times. No need to manually operate every time, which helps automate repetitive transfer tasks.

Batch operation

Select multiple files and batch download or transfer them, significantly saving operation time and improving transfer efficiency.

Encrypt file transfer

Encrypt files before transferring to ensure security during the transfer process and prevent leakage.

Cloud backup

Back up files from one cloud drive to another to prevent data loss.

Online file download

Directly download files from any websites to your cloud drive.

The above are the common and practical features offered by RiceDrive. It focuses on file transfer with a simple and clean interface. The fast transfer speed can save users a lot of time. It is also very secure to use. For these reasons, RiceDrive has won favor from many users.

What advantages does RiceDrive have?


RiceDrive specializes in cloud transfer, continuously optimizing over years. It possesses professional-grade cross-cloud transfer technologies to ensure fast and reliable file transfer in most cases.

High speed

Compared to traditional download and upload, its transfer speed is several times faster, saving massive time.

Mainstream cloud support

It covers almost all mainstream cloud storages, meeting users' all kinds of cloud transfer needs.

Simple and easy

Anyone can use it quickly without professional skills. Just drag and drop to transfer files between clouds.

Stable and secure

The transfer technology is stable and file transfer is secure, supporting encrypted transfer.

Free trial

The basic features can be tried for free. Upgrade to unlock advanced features based on needs.

In summary, as a professional and efficient cross-cloud transfer software, RiceDrive can tremendously simplify file transfer between cloud storages and enable seamless connection of cloud storage services. It focuses on file transfer, continuously optimizing over years with professional-grade technologies. If you also face the need to transfer files between multiple clouds, try RiceDrive, it's likely the best solution.

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