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Outline of this article:

  • 1. Introducing Google Photos.
  • 2. Introducing RiceDrive, a cloud storage management tool.
  • 3. Demonstrating how to use RiceDrive to sync photos from Google Drive to Google Photos.

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How to Sync Your Google Drive Photos to Google Photos?

Google Photos is an application specifically designed for storing and managing photos. It offers many useful features, such as album organization, intelligent search, and sharing options, among others. By syncing photos from Google Drive to Google Photos, users can easily manage all their photos in one place. By syncing photos to Google Photos, users can browse and share their photos anytime, anywhere with any device connected to the internet. Whether it's a mobile phone, tablet, or computer, users can easily access their photos.

In today's digital age, we often use cloud storage services to store and manage our photos. For those who have already stored a large number of photos on Google Drive and want to conveniently browse, edit, and manage them on Google Photos, syncing these two platforms is very useful. The following will explain in detail how to achieve this goal.

RiceDrive is a multi-cloud storage management platform that supports centralized management of over 30 cloud storages on a single platform. You can migrate data from any cloud storage to any other cloud storage using RiceDrive. It allows you to sync or back up Google Photos with cloud drives such as OneDrive, Dropbox, Flickr, and more. RiceDrive provides users with a more convenient cloud storage management experience. Next, we will introduce how to use RiceDrive to sync photos from Google Drive to Google Photos.

1. Open your browser and visit

2. Login to RiceDrive. RiceDrive provides secure and convenient login options. You don't need to register. Just enter your email address to receive a verification code and log in to RiceDrive.

login Ricedrive

3. Authorize Google Drive. After entering RiceDrive, you need to add Google Drive to RiceDrive. Go to the "Link storage" page, find Google Drive, and click the "Authorize Now" button to start the authorization process.

Authorize Google drive

Note: During the Google Drive authorization process, make sure to check the "View", "Edit", and "Delete" checkboxes.

Check checkbox

4. Authorize Google Photos to RiceDrive. Authorize Google Photos in the same way as authorizing Google Drive.

5. Create a sync task from Google Drive to Google Photos. Go to the "Cloud Sync" page and click the "New Sync" button to enter the task creation process.

New Sync

6. Set the source and destination for backup. Choose Google Drive as the source and select the folders you want to transfer. Choose Google Photos as the destination. Note: Only folders can be selected for synchronization from the source. If you only want to select certain files, you can set filtering conditions or use the transfer function.

create sync task

7. Set filtering conditions and schedule for the task. If the selected folder contains formats other than photos and videos, I recommend setting filtering rules to back up only files in the photo and video formats. For example, set .jpg|.png|*.mp4 in the filter to synchronize only these file types. If you want to sync photos regularly, you can enable a daily or weekly schedule to instantly back up your newly added photos.

set filter

8. After setting up the task, click the "Add to Google Photos" button to start the execution. During the execution of the task, you don't need to wait and can even close RiceDrive to do other things. RiceDrive will automatically help you complete the task in the background.

9. Check the execution results, execution logs, and files or folders transferred to the destination path to ensure the successful execution of the task.

task log

In addition, if you want to sync photos from Google Drive to Google Photos, you can also use the "Upload" function in Google Photos to achieve this. By creating a new album in Google Photos and uploading the photos from Google Drive to that album, you can achieve synchronization between the two. However, this manual method has many disadvantages, it is more cumbersome to operate, it is only suitable for migrating a small number of photos, it does not support incremental synchronization, and it cannot sync photos from other Google accounts, so it has significant limitations. Therefore, it is not a long-term solution.


Google Drive and Google Photos are two cloud storage services provided by Google. Synchronizing between them allows you to easily use and manage photos on different platforms. If you want to improve efficiency, I recommend using professional tools like RiceDrive Cloud Storage Manager, which provides automated data migration functionality to quickly and efficiently transfer data from one cloud storage service to another. Compared to traditional manual methods, automated migration can save a lot of time and manpower costs while reducing the risk of human errors. However, regardless of the method chosen, our ultimate goal is to protect the security of photos and ensure the safety and availability of precious memories.