Dropbox and Backblaze are two of the top cloud storage and backup solutions on the market. Many users start out on Dropbox for its syncing and collaboration capabilities. But over time, storage limitations and costs may prompt seeking alternative solutions like Backblaze.

In this guide, we'll look at the benefits of migrating files from Dropbox to Backblaze for more affordable and extensive cloud backups in 2023.

Why Migrate from Dropbox to Backblaze?

Here are some of the top reasons you may want to migrate files from Dropbox to Backblaze for your cloud storage needs:

Key features include:

  • Backblaze offers unlimited storage for a low flat rate. No worrying about storage caps.

  • Automatic background backups ensure all files are continuously saved.

  • File version history is kept for 30 days in Backblaze.

  • Large file sizes and quantities supported with fast upload speeds.

  • Allows backing up external drives which Dropbox does not permit.

  • Restores available via download or shipped hard drive delivery.

  • About 4x cheaper monthly cost compared to equivalent Dropbox storage tiers.

  • Peace of mind from catastrophic data loss, ransomware, device failures.

For valuable data you want completely protected and maintained in the cloud, Backblaze's unlimited, automated backup capabilities make it an appealing target repository.

Introduce backblaze

Using RiceDrive to Migrate Files from Dropbox to Backblaze

Manually downloading and re-uploading terabytes of files from Dropbox to Backblaze is impractical. Thankfully, the software RiceDrive vastly simplifies migrating data between cloud services.

Key features that aid moving files from Dropbox to Backblaze include:

  • Intuitive web interface, no complex configuration

  • Securely connect Dropbox and Backblaze accounts

  • Selective or entire account migration options

  • Scheduled incremental syncs after initial transfer

  • Resume failed transfers and track progress

  • Maintains file metadata and directory structures

  • Customer support for assistance if needed

With RiceDrive, anyone can automate migrating files from Dropbox to Backblaze in just a few clicks. It handles all the underlying complexity quickly, safely and reliably.

RiceDrive Services

Guide to Migrate Dropbox to Backblaze

Follow these steps to easily migrate files from Dropbox to Backblaze with RiceDrive:

  1. Sign up for free RiceDrive account

    Go to Just enter your email and login code, the system will automatically create an account. No credit card needed.

  2. Connect your Dropbox account

    Click Link Storage and choose Dropbox. Enter your account credentials to connect it.

  3. Connect your Backblaze account

    1. Login your Backblaze account.

    2. Select Application Keys, and click Add a New Application Key button.

    3. In the opened pop-up window, enter your Name of Key, for example RiceDrive.

    4. Click Create New Key Button.

    5. You will get a keyID and applicationKey, copy them to the authorization form in RiceDrive.

    create Application Key In backblaze
  4. Select source and destination

    Under Migration select Dropbox as the source and Backblaze as the destination.

    create task for copying dropbox to backblaze
  5. Choose transfer options

    Pick entire account migration or select specific folders/files to migrate.

  6. Schedule incremental syncs (optional)

    For ongoing backup, enable scheduled daily/weekly syncs to transfer new Dropbox files.

    Set schedule
  7. Start data migration

    Review settings and click Start up to migrate data from Dropbox to Backblaze!

The migration can take from hours to days depending on data volume. RiceDrive safely handles all the file transfers reliably in the background.

Why Backblaze Over Dropbox for Cloud Backup

Here are some key advantages of Backblaze that make it preferable over Dropbox when your priority is backup versus sync:

  • Unlimited Storage

    Backblaze offers unlimited storage for just $7/month. With Dropbox you pay based on storage tiers, which gets expensive.

  • Automatic Background Backups

    Backblaze continuously backs up in the background without any action needed. Dropbox requires manually choosing folders to sync.

  • Fully Offsite Redundancy

    Backblaze stores backups remotely offsite so they are protected from local disasters or drive failures.

  • Greater Data Protection

    The automated, unlimited nature of Backblaze backups translates to better long-term data protection compared to Dropbox.

  • Faster Large Uploads

    Backblaze supports massive data uploads at fast speeds. Dropbox limits individual file size and throttles uploads.

  • External Drive Backup

    Backblaze can backup external or networked drives. Dropbox does not permit syncing external drives.

  • Lower Cost

    For substantial storage needs, Backblaze's flat $7/month fee beats Dropbox's pricing tiers.

When your top priority is robust, automated cloud backup for your irreplaceable data, Backblaze delivers a compelling solution at an affordable rate.

Migrating Dropbox Data for Reliable Backblaze Backup

Migrating existing Dropbox data to Backblaze gives you a chance to reevaluate your backup strategy. The peace of mind offered by Backblaze's comprehensive automated cloud backups is worth considering.

With RiceDrive, transferring terabytes of files from Dropbox to Backblaze takes just a few clicks. It reliably handles the migration so you can focus on more important things.

Take advantage of Backblaze's strengths like unlimited capacity and set-it-and-forget-it background backup to better protect your precious files in 2023 and beyond. Your data is too valuable not to have a bulletproof backup solution in place.

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