How to securely migrate My Google Drive to other storage?

Maybe some users have used some applications to migrate data. To use these applications, you have to authorize your storage to them, and then they need to store your token or password on their server. Can you really trust these applications say that the application is 100% secure? If your account on these applications is exposed, it may be a disaster for your storage. If we don't use these applications, how can we complete our works?

Now I'll teach you how to avoid exposing your storage account to complete your works. Just two simple steps.

Securely authorize your Google Drive to RiceDrive
  1. Login RiceDive
  2. Select the storage you need to authorize and select "Local".
  3. Click "Authorize Now".
Authorize at local

Now the cloud storage has been successfully added to ricedrive. When you change browse or computer to log in with the RiceDrive account, you will find that the RiceDrive account only displays the remote cloud storage, and the cloud storage with local is still only stored at the browser you just used.

My Drive List My Drive List

The cloud storage by local will not be seen elsewhere. It only exists on your computer, and your token or password will not be disclosed to anyone, including the RiceDrive team.

Create a new task to migarte my Google drive
  1. Click "Sync & Transfer".
  2. Click "New task" to open the task creation panel
  3. Select the task's source and target, and then click "Start up"
  4. Click "View it" to check the task progress.
My Tasks New task Task Progress

View the task log, we found that the data in Google Drive was successfully migrated to Dropbox.

Task Result

Our cloud storage cannot be known by more than one people, right? You can try to use RiceDrive.
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