There are various methods for migrating from Google Drive to OneDrive, with common approaches including manual download and upload, as well as using Google Takeout to OneDrive. However, these manual methods can be cumbersome and are mainly suitable for small-scale data migration. If you need to handle a large volume of data and wish to achieve migration across different platforms, then this article is specifically written for you.

I will use RiceDrive to assist you in migrating data from Google Drive to OneDrive on both Windows and mobile platforms. As an online cross-cloud transfer application, RiceDrive stands out for its efficient automation, support for background operations, and scheduling capabilities. This not only streamlines the cumbersome steps of data migration but also enhances the efficiency and convenience of the process.

Transfer OneDrive to Google Drive with RiceDrive

  • Log in to RiceDrive

    Open your browser and visit the RiceDrive website ( Enter an email and accept the verification code to log in.

    longin ricedrive
  • Connect Google Drive and OneDrive to RiceDrive

    1. In the RiceDrive dashboard, click on the "Link Storage" button on the left, then select Google Drive cloud storage.

    connect google drive to ricedrive

    2. Click the "Connect" button on the right, and follow the prompts to link Google Drive to RiceDrive.

    3. Connect OneDrive to RiceDrive in a similar manner as connecting Google Drive.

  • Create a transfer task from Google Drive to OneDrive

    1. Go to the 'Transfer & Download' page and click the 'Create Transfer' button.

    Create Transfer

    2. In the source, choose Google Drive as the source, and select the files or folders you want to transfer.

    3. In the destination, select the folder in OneDrive as the target cloud storage

    transfer google drive to onedrive

    4. After configuring all settings, click the "Start up" button to initiate the transfer task. Throughout the task execution, you can track the migration progress in RiceDrive's task list. You can close RiceDrive to attend to other tasks, and it will continue the task automatically in the background.

  • Check the execution results of the transfer task

    Once the migration task is complete, you will receive a notification. Check the files on the target OneDrive to ensure that everything has been successfully migrated.

    transfer log

Tip: You can check the email notification option in settings. Once the task is completed, the results will be sent to your email.

Migrate from OneDrive to Google Drive on a mobile platform

  • Log in to RiceDrive on your mobile device

  • Open the browser on your mobile device and visit

    In the email input box, enter your email and accept a verification code to log in.

    RiceDrive's mobile
  • Connect Google Drive and OneDrive to RiceDrive

    1. Navigate to the "My Drives" page and click the "Link Drive" button at the top of the page.

    link drive on mobile

    2. Choose Google Drive cloud storage and add it to RiceDrive.

    3. Once Google Drive is successfully added, proceed to add OneDrive to RiceDrive in the same manner.

    link drive on mobile
  • Create a transfer task from Google Drive to OneDrive

    1. Go to the "Tasks" page and click the "New Task" button at the top.

    new task

    2. Select files or folders from Google Drive in the source input field.

    3. In the destination input field, choose the OneDrive folder (the cloud storage service you want to migrate to).

    migrate from google drive to onedrive
                            on a mobile platform

    4. Click the "Start up" button to create and execute the transfer task from Google Drive to OneDrive.

  • Check the results of the transfer task execution

    After the transfer is complete, review the task execution logs and the integrity of the files in the target OneDrive to ensure that everything has been successfully migrated.

    Migrate log

Tip: Before initiating the migration, ensure that OneDrive has sufficient space to accommodate the files from Google Drive to prevent task execution failure.


This article guides users through a seamless process of transferring data from OneDrive to Google Drive, ensuring a smooth transition between the two cloud storage platforms. It covers key steps, features, and considerations, providing users with valuable insights for a successful migration experience.

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