3 Ways to Save Videos from TikTok

We are fans of TikTok video. When we browse these short videos, we will find some good videos. These google videos make us want to save them. But do you know how to save TikTok videos? I will provide you with three ways to save videos from TikTok.

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Copy The TikTok Video

You can copy the TikTok video link and save it to Notepad. You can open the note and find the link at any time to watch the video. This is the simplest way, but the link is not found, and you will lose it forever.

Copy TikTok Link


Save Tiktok Videos To Your Computer

You can save your TikTok video to the computer as shown in the picture on the right. If save less videos, of course, you can choose this way to save TikTok videos. As more and more videos are saved, they will take up most of your computer space. If you want to download a new video, you have to delete the old videos. It's a very painful thing.

Save Tiktok video


Save Videos From Tiktok to Cloud Storage

The last way is to save tiktok videos directly to your cloud storage. You can choose Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, mega to save videos. You can easily manage your tiktok videos width these best cloud storage. If your cloud storage space is insufficient, you can purchase more space from cloud storage providers. If you only want to use free space, you can register more cloud storage accounts, and RiceDrive can manage these cloud storage for you free. I hope everyone can collect more excellent videos.

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Save Tiktok video Save Tiktok video

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RiceDrive supports more than 20+ cloud storage, such as Dropbox, OneDrive, MEGA, PCloud, etc. They are the best cloud storage, and these cloud storage provide various devices. If you save your videos to these cloud storage, you can certainly watch videos on any device.

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