Uptobox is a popular cloud storage service used by many to store and share large files online. But you may sometimes need to move those files over to Google Drive for better accessibility through Google's suite of apps and services.

Here we will explore 3 methods to transfer files from Uptobox to Google Drive, including using a specialized service like RiceDrive.

Method 1: Download and Re-upload

The most straightforward method is to simply download the files from Uptobox to your computer, and then upload them to Google Drive. Here are the steps:

  1. Log in to your Uptobox account and navigate to the files you want to transfer.

  2. Select the files and click on "Download" to save them to your computer. Make sure you have enough local storage space.

    Download files from uptobox
  3. Go to drive.google.com and log in to your Google account. Click on "New" and select "File upload" to upload the files from your computer to Google Drive.

    upload uptobox files to google drive
  4. Google Drive will start uploading the files from your computer. The time taken depends on your internet speed and file sizes.

  5. Once fully uploaded, you can access the files in Google Drive and share or edit as needed. The originals will still be in your Uptobox account.

    Show result that upload uptobox file to Google Drivere

This method is straightforward but inefficient for large or frequent transfers, as you have tocompletely download and re-upload files. But it works reliably for small one-time transfers.

Method 2: Use RiceDrive to Transfer

RiceDrive is an application designed specifically for transferring files between cloud drives like Uptobox and Google Drive. Here are the steps to use RiceDrive:

  1. Go to https://ricedrive.com and create a free account.

  2. Visit the RiceDrive website and log in.

  3. In RiceDrive, click "+ Link storage" to connect Google Drive accounts. Follow the prompts to securely authorize access.

    Connect Google Drive to RiceDrive
  4. Login Uptobox, click "My Account" and click "Token" to copy secret token.

    Copy uptobox secret token
  5. Select "Uptobox" icon to connect your Uptobox accounts.

    Connect uptobox to RiceDrive
  6. Once connected, you will see both cloud drives in RiceDrive. Navigate to the files in Uptobox that you want to transfer.

    Uptobox files
  7. Select the Uptobox files, select your Google Drive folder and click "Start up". RiceDrive will automatically transfer the files.

    The task that migrate files from uptobox to goolge drive
  8. The transfer speed will depend on file size and internet connection. You can track progress from the RiceDrive app.

    The progress of transferring uptobox files to google drive
  9. When completed, switch to Google Drive to access the transferred files. RiceDrive keeps your data encrypted during transfer.

    The report of transferring uptobox files to google drive

RiceDrive provides a fast, simple way to migrate large files between cloud services. The transfer speeds can be much faster compared to re-uploading.

Method 3: Use Google Colab and Python

Google Colab provides free access to computing resources through Jupyter notebooks. We can write a Python script on Colab to transfer files from Uptobox to Google Drive programmatically. Here are the steps:

  1. Go to https://colab.research.google.com and login with your Google account.

  2. Create a new Python 3 notebook.

  3. Install the required libraries:

    CInstall libraries
  4. Import the modules:

    Import the modules
  5. Authenticate and connect to Google Drive using Drive API.

  6. Initialize Uptobox connection by setting the email, password, and file URL to transfer.

  7. Download the file from Uptobox into bytes using the uptobox Python module.

  8. Upload the bytes data directly to Google Drive using Drive API.

  9. Print upload status and file URL on Google Drive.

This allows fast, free transfer of large files using Colab's compute resources. But requires Python knowledge and Drive API setup.


Migrating storage between cloud services like Uptobox and Google Drive enables better productivity through unified access. Some key options are:

  • Downloading and re-uploading works for small, one-time transfers.

  • RiceDrive provides a dedicated app for simple automated migration.

  • Google Colab enables writing custom Python scripts for programmatic file transfers.

The optimal method depends on your use case, like transfer frequency, size of data, and technical expertise. As cloud adoption grows, the ability to seamlessly move data between services becomes critically important.

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