Download High-Quality Video to Cloud Drive

This is a way to get your favorite video. Just need a video URL, you can download High-Quality video to your cloud drive. RiceDrive can get videos from hundreds of video websites such as YouTube, Vimdeo, instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc, and directly transfer the video to your cloud drive.

Why download videos?

When you are browsing video or music websites, you will be attracted by good video and want to save it. Most people will click "save button" of video websites or browsers to save it. This way is the simplest, but it is also the easiest to lose. I used to save videos in this way. Over time, you will find that some videos have been deleted or need VIP to watch. You will regret using that way to save the video.

The best way is to download these videos to your computer, mobile phone or cloud drive. However, most video or audio websites no longer provide users with downloads. They hope users can keep coming back to watch these videos, and you have to watch the advertisements in the videos again. If you have downloaded videos using RiceDrive, you can study, share and process them at any time.

Why download the video to cloud drive?

RiceDrive supports the best cloud drive in the world, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, MEGA, PCloud and Amazon S3, all of which have their own features. Here has the advantages of cloud drive:

1. It can help you store the memory you want to leave forever. If you have a lot of photos, videos, music, MV like idols and so on, you can store it in the cloud drive.

2. If the traditional U disk, memory card, mobile phone, computer and other storage devices are inconvenient to carry sometimes, but if we use the cloud drive, it is not only convenient and unnecessary to carry, but also prevent accidental loss.

3. Cloud drive also has the advantage of large storage space, which is better than traditional storage devices. It can store a large number of files without occupying local space.

4. It can automatically backup, prevent the loss of data, and realize synchronization, mobile phone, computer, web page, etc. It also allows you to view it anytime, anywhere, very convenient.

5. And you can share videos and photos with your friends, which is more convenient.

6. The encryption system is good to prevent divulging your privacy. Some cloud disks are also equipped with encryption to make your files more secure.

These advantages of cloud drive have shown that it is very suitable for storing your video and music files. RiceDrive can help you download video and audio directly from any website. Just copy and paste links to your favorite social videos or music and save them easily. Open link to view How to download video from any website.

Listen to cloud disk music and watch videos in cloud disk

How to download video?

RiceDrive is a tool for managing multiple cloud drives and can also help you save videos from the any websites to your cloud drive. You need to authorize the cloud drive to RiceDrive and copy the video URL. RiceDrive can help you download more videos to your cloud drive.

For more details on how to Download Videos (Audio and Photo) from any website, please follow these steps:


Log in to RiceDrive and add your cloud drive to RiceDrive. When you successfully authorize your cloud drive to RiceDrive, you can view and manage the files in your cloud drive through RiceDrive.

Authorize Dropbox to RiceDrive to Download Video


Click "Transfer & Download" > "New task". Create a task to download video to your cloud drive.

Create Task to Download Video or Music to Google Drive


View the transfer progress of the task. When the task is completed, you can find the HD video in your cloud storage.

Task progress of download Video to Google Drive

Here's a video tutorial:


With RiceDrive, you can get more videos and music from the websites to your cloud drive. Copy the URL of your Video, then paste it into the task form input. RiceDrive helps you download videos quickly and easily from a large number of websites. If you're having trouble downloading videos, please do not hesitate to contact us [email protected] .