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How to transfer pCloud to Uptobox?

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Uptobox's Advantage

Uptobox is a file hosting provider. It offers online storage/remote backup capabilities, sophisticated upload and download tools. With Uptobox Test, you can host files, images, video, audio, and flash in the same place. If you upgrade to Uptobox VIP, what you will have unlimited storage, unlimited speed, unlimited traffic. Who doesn't like unlimited? The best cloud drives like Google Drive, Dropbox, Onedrive, MEGA, and pCloud all have limitations. Are you ready to move your data to Uptobox? Let's start transferring files from pCloud to Uptobox.

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Transfer pCloud to Uptobox

Step 1: Connect Uptobox and pCloud

Login to RiceDrive and select Uptobox. Then find the account token in Uptobox, fill in the token and click on the 'Authorize Now' button. If you successfully connect Uptobox to RiceDrive, you can manage your Uptobox through RiceDrive. Connect to pCloud and click on the "Authorize Now" button directly. On the pCloud authorize page you should select the "Allow" button, not the "Deny" button.

Connect Uptobox to RiceDrive

Step 2: Create Task to Transfer pCloud to Uptobox

1.Click "Transfer & Download",
2. Click "New Task" button,
3. Select pCloud or files in pCloud as the transfer source,
4. Select Uptobox as the target,
5. Click "Start up" to transfer files from pCloud to Uptobox.

pCloud to Uptobox

Step 3: Check task progress and log

You can see that the transfer is done very quickly. At the same time, we checked the transfer log and the files in the Uptobox and found no exception. You should try it, too

pCloud to Uptobox progress pCloud to Uptobox result

The price of data transmission

RiceDrive offers 10GB of free data. If the data is not big, you can log in and use it quickly. If you have a big data, we have to charge a little fee in order to speed up transmission and provide better service to help you.
Check out our prices and services.


When you become a vip Uptobox you can get some unlimited services. While managing your files on Uptobox may not be as user-friendly, RiceDrive can help you manage your files on Uptobox better. Choosing the right cloud storage will save some money for you.

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