3 Ways to Copy Google Drive Folders

Google Drive is a very popular cloud storage and has 15G of free space, but it also has some disadvantages, such as it does not support folder copy operations, if you have this need, then it will not be as you wish, but today I will introduce several methods to help you solve the problem of folder replication.

Method 1: Copy the folder through the Google Drive file copy function

Step 1. Open the browser and log in to Google Drive cloud storage , then open the folder you need to copy, use CTRL+A to select all the files to be copied, if you only need to copy some files, you can hold down the CTRL key and click the left mouse button key to select the files to be copied, press Command+A on Mac to select all files, or hold down the Command key and click the files with the left mouse button to select some files. After selecting the files to be copied, right-click any one of the selected files and select Make a copy on the context menu.

Copy files in google drive

Step 2. After the copy is made successfully, there are more files named "Copy of..." in the folder. Then, we select them, click the right mouse button, and select the "Move to" function.

Move files from google drive

Step 3. Before moving files, we first click on the folder icon to create a new folder.

Create folder in Google drive

Step 4. For the new folder, enter a name and click the blue icon next to the input box.

rename google drive folder

Step 5. In the last step, click "move here", the new copy folder will be created successfully.

move folders in google drive

Note: This method is only suitable for copying a small number of folders. If you want to copy a lot of folders, this is obviously not applicable. The following will introduce other methods that are suitable for copying a large number of folders.

Method 2: Copy multiple folders through the synchronization function of the Google Drive for desktop

Step 1. Download Google Drive for desktop and log in to your Google account.

Google Drive for desktop

Step 2. Open File Explorer, access the google drive virtual partition, and open the My Drive folder. The folders and files in this directory will be synchronized to Google Drive.

open my drive folder

Step 3. Right-click and select the folder that needs to be copied, click the copy function, and then paste (CTRL+V), the copy will be created successfully, and then it will be automatically synced to Google Drive.

Copy the folders that need to be synced

The copy was created successfully, and the local copied folder was successfully synced to Google Drive.

google folder copy successfully

Note: The advantage of this method is that it can quickly copy batches of folders. The disadvantage is that it will waste local disk space, and synchronization will take a certain amount of time. If you do not have the client installed, we can also download the file in the browser first. folder, and then unzip it locally, and then upload the folder to Google Drive, which can also achieve this purpose.

Method 3: Use RiceDrive cloud storage management service to copy folders

RiceDrive is a free cloud storage management service. We will use its synchronization or transfer function to achieve folder copy operations. The advantage of using RiceDrive is that it can quickly help us with copy operations, compared to method 1 and method 2. The operation is simpler and more convenient, and it also supports setting plans and filter conditions to meet your more complex needs.

Step 1. Log in to RiceDrive, just enter your email address to log in, no registration required.

log in to ricedrive

Step 2. After logging in RiceDrive, and then start authorizing the Google account, you can add Google cloud storage to RiceDrive for management in just 2 simple steps. RiceDrive is a secure cloud storage management service.

Authorize google drive in ricedrive

Step 3. After the Google cloud storage is authorized successfully, click the Sync & transfer function to enter the synchronization and transfer interface, and then click "New task" to create a copy task.

Create a copy task in Ricedrive

Step 4. Select the source folder to copy in "source", then select the new location to copy to in "Target".

Select the copied folder in Ricedrive

Step 5. Set the filter and overwrite conditions for the copy task, open the setting options, and for files that already exist in the target location, you can set skip or overwrite operations when copying, and you can also set the file filter conditions for the copy task, set filter the specified file format.

Setting up filters for tasks in Ricedrive

Step 6. Set a schedule for the replication task. You can set it to be executed every day or every week. You don't need to worry about it, the replication task will be automatically executed in the server backend.

Set a schedule for Ricedrive tasks

Step 7. Click the “Start up” button, the copy task is created successfully.

ricedrive copy task created successfully

Conclusion: Among these 3 methods, I recommend using the third method, because the third method is more convenient and smart, and more importantly, it is a free service, if you have backup or synchronization needs or need to copy a lot of Data, then choosing RiceDrive is a good choice, it not only can copy Google's folders, but also supports 30 cloud storage copy operations.